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32 FUN and Low Cost Dates

32 FUN and Low Cost Dates -Date Without Breaking the Bank

32 FUN and low cost dates. Dating doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Let’s face it, there are plenty of activities you can do without looking like a cheap skate.

32 FUN and Low Cost Dates - Date and have fun without breaking the bank

My husband and I take advantage of plenty of free and low cost activities to stretch our dollar.  There is no shame in budgeting and activities enrich your life.


1.) Wine and Beer Tasting – Take a tour and sample a few of the local flavors. You can go at anytime of the day.


2.) Picnic- Pack a picnic and head out to your local park. If you are feeling brave try grilling out for your sweetheart.

3.) Walk on the Beach or Board Walk – Take a stroll on the beach or down the boardwalk. Stop off for a drink or ice cream cone, hold hands and people watch.

4.) Dine In – It doesn’t matter if your date is male or female, everyone LOVES food. Have your date arrive at your home and invite them to enjoy a drink while you place the finishing touches on the meal.

5.) Happy Hour– Meet after work for happy hour. Two for one drink prices and in many case free appetizers as well.

6.) Museum – Art, history, science just to name a few. When it comes to museums there is something that applies to everyone.

7.) Sporting Event – Cheer on your favorite local high school or city’s home team. You don’t have to chose pro games.

8.) Botanical Gardens – Many botanical gardens are free to take a stroll through and others offer resident discounts or free days during the month.


9.) Bike Ride – A no destination bike ride allows you to explore the city on your terms.

10.) Friend’s Home – Maybe a friend of yours is having a get together? BBQ’s and parties make wonderful dates.

11.) Matinee Movie, Drive In or Movie in The Park – If you are looking for an affordable way to take in a movie you could try a matinee movie. Movies that run before the 5:00 hour are a few bucks cheaper than night time showings. Try two features for the price of one at the drive-in. Pack your own snacks and you have the perfect night out. A popular summer date night is movies in the park. No cost unless you hit up a vender for a soda and snack.

Star Gazing

12.) Star Gazing – Late night under the stars with a few snacks. Study up on a few constellations before the big night and really impress your date.

13.) Coffee or Tea – Meet for afternoon coffee or tea and dessert. This is a no pressure first date.

14.) Ice Skating or Roller Skating – Take your date ice skating or roller skating. Perfect if one isn’t a skater, holding hands will come naturally.

15.) Sledding – I live in Wisconsin and we have wonderful hills with warming houses that serve hot chocolate. There is nothing like enjoying a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate after a night of sledding.

16.) Zoo or Nature Preserve – Believe it or not, some zoos are still free. Unless your date has children, chances are they haven’t been to a zoo in a few years. Visit the monkey exhibit for a barrel of laughs.

17.) Bowling – Go for cosmic bowling. Lanes are usually open for about three hours and include shoe rental for about $20.00 per couple.

18.) Lunch- Chose to take your date out for lunch on a weekend. A good selection for a first date. You can usually sit outside at small bistros, the menu selection is easier on the pocketbook and takes the pressure off a goodnight kiss.

19.) Miniature golf or Driving Range-I stink at both activities. I do like the challenge though. For mini golf – make it fun by placing a “winner buys ice cream” bet on it.

20.) Game night with Snacks– Stay in a play Monopoly, Clue or another board game. Maybe try a few hands of cards?

21.) Ice Cream and Tabloid Magazines- This date can prove to keep your laughing for a long time. Pick up a pint of ice cream and some spoons and a few tabloid magazines. Spread out a blanket in a park and enjoy looking through the magazines and eating ice cream together.

22.) Rent a State Park Campsite- Looking for an entire day of fun for little cost? Pack your car for an entire day at your local campgrounds. State parks have the lowest site rental prices around $10.00. You do not have to stay overnight. Bring your bikes and go for a bike ride or hike during the day. At night, enjoy some time around the fire. Be sure to bring drinks, hot dogs, buns , condiments, chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows. Bring along two chairs and purchase a bundle of firewood to cook over. When you are ready to leave pack everything up and head home.

23.) Go to a Beach- During the day pack a cooler of beverages and a blanket and just relax. For night time pack a bottle of wine, glasses and a blanket and watch the sunset together.

24.) Go to Thrift Shops or Antique Shops– It is the thrill of the hunt! Visit thrift shops and antique shops in the area. Compare styles and keep track of the odd find of the day.

25.) Double Date with Another Couple Friend – Let your couple friend chose an activity to do. We have enjoyed some of our adventures with friends.

State Park

26.) Road Trip – Go to a small city around you and explore – Take a short drive to a small city you haven’t been to before, You can do this on a whim or do a little research before taking your road trip.

27.) Geocashing – Find hidden treasures, called geocaches. All you need is a GPS or Smartphone and the coordinates to geocaches around your city. You can enter your zipcode here: and it will pull up coordinates for your city. Spend the day locating them.

28.) Letterboxing – More hidden treasure, called letterboxes. All you need are the clues and a form of transportation. You can enter your zipcode here: and it will pull up letterboxes for your city. Spend the day locating them.

28.) Local Band – Sometimes in the park, sometimes in a bar. Either way, scouting the local talent is always a great time.

29.) Open Mic Night – Visit open mic night somewhere. There are some talented artists out there waiting to be discovered and well, some we would rather forget 🙂

30.) Art Gallery – Tour an art gallery show or exhibits. A wonderful way to add some more culture to your life.

31.) Local Tour – I counted around 25 free tours in my area and hundreds more for a small fee. Local business, art galleries, wineries, sports tours, micro breweries, you name it; there is something out there for you!

32.) Disc Golf – It is sort of like aiming small Frisbee’s into baskets. Go out and purchase the discs for a small fee and you can play the courses for free anytime you would like.

Did 32 FUN and low cost dates give you any ideas?  I hope so.  Just get out there and enjoy life. You may find some of the low cost or free things can yield the most laughs and certainly, some wonderful memories.

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