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Glow Stick Photography

Glow Stick Photography

Glow Stick Photography

Experimenting is the key to glow stick photography.  Finding out what works, and what does not. When you have two highly creative people with a crap ton of ideas rattling around inside their heads you get a mixed bag of ideas to try out.

Tonight’s activity was to put a few of the ideas we had to the test. A quick stop off at the dollar store proved to be a fun adventure. Our mission was to purchase our supplies for under $5.00.

My daughter and I decided our budget was five dollars for both of us.  We had to come back with supplies and make something to test on camera.  A design that used glow sticks to photograph and see what the outcome would be.

Designer One :

A package of 20 glow sticks
Zip Ties
Whirly Sound Tube



The first designer purchased a whirly sound tube. Yep, that annoying toy that kids swing around their heads to make noise. The glow sticks were attached to the whirly tube using zip ties and then tape was used to secure the ends.

Designer Two:

Glow Sticks

Made a ball design using the zip ties and glow sticks. Then attached the dog leash from home for spinning purposes.

Swinging Glowstick Light Thingy

We were off to test out the designs and see what kind of photos we could obtain.

I ran the camera for the test photos. My daughter tested out the designs.

Designer One’s Whirly Sound Tube Photos


ISO 200 / 24mm / f/4.0 / 35 seconds

This is spinning the tube around in front of her and a side to side motion as well. BTW, my daughter is testing each product.  So, for our little challenge, you will not know who made what design.

ISO 200 / 24mm / f/5.0 / 35 seconds

We tried different ways of using the whirly tube. This is spinning the tube extremely fast.



ISO 200 / 24mm / f/5.0 / 35 seconds

I think designer one should have used additional colors in her tube design. The red ones are over powered by blue and green.

ISO 200 / 24mm / f/5.0 / 40 seconds

One thing to note is that with the glow sticks we used you had to be extremely close to the camera lens to get the colors to show. We were hoping that we could have been further way.

The designer did do a good job on construction.  It held up for the entire night.


Designer 2 Glow Stick Light Ball


ISO 200 / 24mm / f/5.0 / 35 seconds

Designer two had every intention of spinning her design being spun using a dog leash. On the third spin around the ball broke apart. That ended the spinning for the night.


This is what the design ended up looking like for the remainder of the photos.


ISO 100 / 24mm / f/4.0 / 35 seconds

Just rotating the design in hand sort of reminds me of a sorcerers ball. This was a test shot to see what would happen.  I quickly knew I had to set the tripod up closer. The colors were not going to show on camera very well.

ISO 100 / 24mm / f/4.0 / 45 seconds

Rotating the design about 2 inches from the camera gave the end result for the picture above. Vivid colors and patterns.  By using a little longer shutter we were able to fill the frame with the color.


ISO 100 / 24mm / f/4.0 / 45 seconds

Rotating the design about 3 feet from camera. You can see the colors are not as vivid but each design is a little different.  The end result is whatever you want it to be. It is art.

For under $5.00 you can have a barrel of laughs and hours of entertainment.

I Need Your Help:
Now, can you help me out?  Please vote for designer 1 or designer 2.  Who’s designs do you like better? 

We have a little wager.  The loser has to buy drinks and snacks for our next adventure.

Update – Design 2 won according to Google+ and Facebook votes..  Looks like I’m buying the snacks and drinks for the next venture out.

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