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Locked on to Female Mallards in Flight

Female Mallard in Flight

Locked on to Female Mallards in Flight

Today, is all about the female mallard. Spending some time locked on to female mallards in flight.  Testing out some new settings. To see if I can capture excellent images with the Canon 6D.  I have been having issues locking onto birds in flight.  There is a delay between the camera and lens when capturing in flight images.  Today, I’d like to gain knowledge on how to make a solid connection. 

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Our ducks are huge. They seem to be fed well over the winter. Just look at that massive body compared to her head!


Well Fed

My little angel floating down from the heavens.


In Coming 

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Oh, yeah! I had an awesome day!!  There is something that I learned from today.  I heard a click when the lens and camera line up.  It is a distinct sound.  When you heard the click, you take the shot.  Locked on.  It wasn’t just a sight term but also something you most certainly can hear if you are listening for it.


See you tomorrow! Where I promise my posting will not be about ducks…




What equipment did I use in this posting?

Canon 6D Full Frame Camera and the Canon Version Tamron 150-600mm lens

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