Seedling Cold Frame

Seedling Cold Frame Out of Recycled Lumber

Ladies, you can even build this seedling cold frame project! It is extremely easy.

Seedling cold frame boxes allow you to start your seeds earlier outdoors, transition your seedlings to the elements quicker for ground planting and even allow you to extend your growing season by placing plants in the box in the fall to protect from night frost.

Most of us have some scrap lumber laying around the garage or we can get some from a friend. This cold frame was made from entirely recycled items that were being found in my basement and garage.

DIY Cold Frame

1.) The box frame was made from old 2×6 lumber. Place the wood together in a rectangle on the ground to see what size you can make your frame.

2.) The top glass was an old storm window. It was laid on top of the frame to be sure it fit the wood rectangle.

3.) The wood from the box frame was then cut using a hand saw and screwed together with deck screws.

4.) The glass top just lays snugly on top of the wooden frame.

5.) To keep the soil warmer the box frame was placed on two wood scrap pieces of wood. It keeps the sides from getting wet and extra frost from leaking through the ground.

There you have it! Rather simple.

Looking for a cold frame design to incorporate into your ground box designs? CLICK HERE 

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