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Charter Fishing Sarasota

Charter Fishing in Sarasota Florida

Charter Fishing Sarasota

Charter Fishing Sarasota – We departed from Hart’s Landing with Captain Terry and Captain Emily from Reelin & Chillin Charters out of Sarasota, Florida for a day of fun in the sun. fishing and photographing.

The Morning Started off a Little Chilly – We all had grabbed our sweatshirts or jackets to keep us warm as we ventured out. The guys forgot their hats though. A gas station stop to purchase “Florida” hats was in order to keep the sun off their faces all day.

Shark, We Want Shark: All three of my family members were hoping to catch plenty of fish for a fish fry later in the day. They were also secretly crossing their fingers to each land a shark.

Game Plan: As we were packing up the boat Captain Terry was going over the game plan for the day with us.  I had contacted him by phone a few weeks prior and he knew what we wanted at the time.

The game plan was suppose to be regular fishing for a meal and rookie photography for me.  My clan talked about sharks the entire way to the boat charter.  I ask Captain Terry if sharks were a possibility for the day. He let me know that doing so, limited my rookie touring time for photography.  I asked if he wouldn’t mind changing it up and spend more time in search of shark fishing for my 3 goofballs.  He immediately smiled and said no problem.  I will see what we can do to make you all happy.

Oh Those Views: The views from the water off Sarasota, Florida seem to go for miles.  As the sun rose higher in the sky the water became a beautiful aqua color.  I never got tired of looking at the water or the buildings on shore as we traveled throughout the day.

Two Captains For The Day: Since we had never fished for the types of fish we were after both Captain Terry and Captain Emily gave us pointers and baited all of our poles.  Never had to do a thing. Just kick back with a cold drink and fish. For us, that was a bonus.

Having 2 Captains for the day that knew where the fish were and the types of baits we should use for each was awesome. They never complained having to bait all the poles, crossing lines (opps), or removing fish from the poles. They answered all questions with great knowledge and were smiling and laughing right along with us throughout the day.

Early Morning Stroke Of Luck: We had a stroke of luck early morning.  Brendan was the first to catch a fish.  The first of the day was a sea trout, which was kept for supper.  Immediately following the return of the bait to the water AGAIN, he had a hit. This one had a little more fight to her.

From that moment on, the boat was all smiles.  We caught shark after shark. Captain Terry and Captain Emily had the boat directly on the sharks.

Shark, Shark We Found Shark: Here is our son Brendan and Captain Terry holding up the first shark of the day; caught by Brendan.

They are amazing to look at. All our sharks went back into the water.


Our daughter, Kerrigan and the shark she caught.

Charter Fishing Sarasota

Greg and one of his shark catches.

Greg holding up his supper.  Sea Trout.

Another catch of the day.

My Turn At The Rookie: After my clan had their fill of shark fishing we headed to another location.  Around a bird rookie.  Time for some photo fun for me.

Feeding Frenzy - Egrets

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Vastly different stages in the rookie.  Some were building nests, some were taking care of young and some sitting on their nests.  So, much fun to watch.

Close Up of a Baby Egret

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For the short time I spent in the rookie, it was worth every moment.  I believe for much of the time, I watched with my eyes instead for photographing.  I was amazed by the different birds.

Snowny Egret

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I only spent about a half an hour inside the rookie while the group did some fishing within it. They were not catching anything.

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Pushing On To A New Fishing Spot: At some point, I decided that I saw more smiles and heard more laughing, giggling and happiness from them fishing – so I decided to push on. Birds will always be around.  Watching my family having fun together, may not.

Sarasota Beautiful Home.

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Most certainly plenty of additional things to see from the water too. With views like this who could be disappointed?  Our new summer home. Haha!

Great White Egret with Dinner

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I didn’t even have to be inside the rookie to catch some wildlife. The egret enjoyed a light lunch not too far from me.

The crew continued to fish and had luck getting the remainder of fish for their supper.

Dolphins in the Distance

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Dolphins! We saw dolphins!! My first time seeing them in open water. My daughter and I pointed them out like giggling schoolgirls to the rest of the boat.

Small pleasures in life!

What a terrific day of fishing and sightseeing. Everyone caught at least one shark, maybe even two. We caught supper and a bunch of additional fish that I don’t know the names of.

At the Dock: Captain Terry clean some of the Sea Trout that we caught while we watched the brown pelicans.

Found it thrilling people that were fishing from the dock flocked to see the white pelican. Heck, that is all we have at home. I want to watch the brown pelicans. Didn’t have to fight anyone over them 🙂

Brown Pelican Along Dock

On the Road Again – We thanked and said goodbye to our Captains and headed to a restaurant called O’Leary’s. You can purchase food here OR they will prepare YOUR catch. Guess who is making us dinner?

View of Sarasota, Florida.

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View from the walkway going to O’Leary’s Tiki Bar and Grill in Sarasota, Florida . Live music, outdoor patio, fruity drink and fresh fish. Couldn’t ask for anything more to wrap up the day.

It was a day to remember!


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