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Visit to Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse

Visit to Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse

Visit to Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse

Today calls for a visit to Sturgeon Bay lighthouse and the guys hunting grounds.  

My best friend’s mother passed away two weeks ago, on Monday. A high school friend, last week. Then, I read something on Facebook and it triggered a whole world of thought. Of course, a healthy dose of photography therapy was needed.

Heading to Door County For a Therapy Session

My retreat was the guys hunting land. An hour from home,  Then, from the land, it is a short, 2-mile drive to the lake.  A place I needed to visit.  I needed to throw some sorrow into the lake.



The outhouse on the hunting grounds

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Life Isn’t Always Rainbows and Unicorns

Now, onto the strange way I get lost in thought. I don’t always get this deep when I write, but sometimes I share.  It is important to know that everyone’s life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Some people share, some people hide.  Most of the time I hide emotion from the outside world like I shouldn’t own the feelings I have.

Sturgeon Bay Door County Lighthouse

Photography is Therapy

Bad shit is gonna happen.  You can’t escape it,  you can’t plan for it – it just happens.  When it happens, you face it, and then you move forward.  At least that is my pattern.

Pepsi Wooden Crates

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It is a skill and a process that I complete to move forward through life. After moving on, I try hard not to dwell on if it was the correct decision. I just move forward.  That is it, nothing more.  Nothing less.

It works rather well, except for one thing. The summer of 2006.

Photography helps me through difficult times. Which is why I went to the guys hunting land.  All the old stuff and antiques remind me of my summers spent with my great-grandparents.

Campfire Marshmallows

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One Day at a Time

1.) Yesterday is gone.  I can’t change what happened in the past – should of and could of, it doesn’t much is just that yesterday, in the past. It happened.

2.) Today is today, I have control over the day. Make a plan, and tackle just today.

3.) Tomorrow is tomorrow.  I have no control over tomorrow because it has not been given to me yet. I can plan and have a rough outline, but until the sunrises, it is only a dream.

Old Kitchen Tins



Using this concept, I can; and HAVE got through some serious, bad shit during my lifetime.


Beach View of Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse


Return to the Old so I Can Move Forward

Thankfully, I have found a few outlets to expel some of my hearts hurts. Sometimes, I need to return to the old so I can move forward.  This thought and reflection process grounds me by making me think about how far I have come.  It also allows me to revisit a few certain issues so I can deal with them appropriately to keep pushing forward.

The Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse and Coastguard Station

The Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse and Coastguard station is a sign of strength for me.  As a Sophomore and Junior in high school, I always made a visit, I drew strength in the lake waves, the beacon lights from the lighthouse and strong pier walls.  It was something constant that I could return to.  It was a place to walk along the beach and pier to think about the future, which was uncertain.

United States Coast Guard Station - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

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A Lighthouse is Symbolic  

Over the years, lighthouses have guided ships to safety in total darkness.  The lighthouse also seems to do that for me; provide light in the darkness, which is why I have a strong connection to them.

Of course, good things happen every day. People just tend to find it hard to move past the bad. My goal was always trying not to look back EVER and just look ahead. Trying to avoid any pain and move on.  I skipped a few steps back then.  Like going through emotions I should have.  I should have.  But didn’t, I chose to avoid and pretend things didn’t happen.  I find myself revisiting the issues often that I took this stance with.

Mallards in Flight


My focus now is what can I do today that might help me and my loved ones in the future. Becoming healthier in my thought process. Not avoiding, but dealing with things as they happen in a healthier way.

I Just Want To Be at Peace

If you spend time plotting how you can attack and get even, it only will leave you bitter. I’ve dealt with enough bitter people.  I just want to be at peace. I chose peace.  An active choice, out of love and respect for myself.

Slowly, the tigers from my past are coming out into the open and taking turns being dealt with.  They can live in their own part of this world. One that doesn’t interact with mine.  This world is large enough that we can all live in this world together, but apart.


End of Day Meets Full Moon

Each and every step made toward this goal reminds me how strong of a person you can become. With a little time and effort; life can turn around.  Some happiness can return.  You take back control and steer the ship through the waves, exactly where you need to go. Even if you have to do it under light fog and guided by a lighthouse and the silver moonlight beams.

2016 might finally be a year a few of us can find inner peace.

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