Yellow Bell Wildflower

Yellow Bell Wildflower

Yellow Bell Wildflower

In the wild, the yellow bell wildflower grows along riverbanks and other open, sunny areas with adequate rainfall and a perpetually moist substrate. The plants do not tolerate shade or salty or alkaline soils, and they are sensitive to frost.

Names This Wildflower Goes By:
This wildflower is known by the following names: Fritillaria pudica, yellow bells, yellow fritillary, yellow mission bells

Blooming Time:
The yellow bell wildflower is one of the first wildflowers to bloom in the spring. As soon as the snow melts, they pop up.  The blooms do not last long.

What They Look Like:
The flowers have one stem with a solitary bell-shaped, yellow flower that pops up from a bulb.The head of the flower points down, toward the ground.  Occasionally, but rare, the stem might have two flower heads.

They grow rapidly, sometimes spreading 3 meters per year. They can be propagated from cuttings or by collecting seed pods.

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