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Red Columbine Wildflower

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Red Columbine Wildflower

Not exactly sure what draws me to the red columbine wildflower. Is it the curvy lines?  The color? Perhaps, because I see them selectively?


Known As:
• Red Columbine
• Canadian or Canada Columbine
• Wild Columbine

Scientific Name:
Aquilegia Canadensis

(Native) Family:
Ranunculaceae – Buttercup family


What Is It & Where Can You Find It In Wisconsin?
• A native perennial flower that grows up to two feet high.
• Growing along river banks & woodland areas
• Likes partial shade and areas of filtered sun.
• Flower has showy red and yellow petals and it’s stamens curl upward as it ages.
• Likes dry conditions, & sandy, loamy soils

Collecting Seeds
• Tiny, black seeds ripen at various times within the flowers life cycle.
• Collect seed by hand from August to October.
•  Gently tap the old flowering head into a paper bag.
• Seeds can be dried in open paper bags for about two weeks.
• Store dry seed in sealed, plastic bags in refrigerator until you are ready to plant them.
• Seeds will stay viable with this method for 3 years.

Bloom Time In Wisconsin?
• April to June


What It Attracts:
• Bees
• Butterflies
• Hummingbirds.

Native American Use:
Once the plant went to seed, It has been said that the Native American men would crush the seeds and rub them onto their skin. It was supposed to help attract love.

It is the whole LOVE factor that has me interested.  I understand the attraction to the flower.





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