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Photo Time Lapse Calculator

Photo Time Lapse Calculator

 Photo Time Lapse Calculator

The photo time lapse calculator will help you figure out the number of shots you will need to take to put together your photo time lapse videos. Find calculator below.

This is included on the site for both my and my daughter’s benefit. We don’t use time lapse enough, and when we want to use it on the road – we need this calculator to figure out the process.  You might want to use it too 🙂

Special Thank You to PhotoPills
(They also have a phone app)


Directions for Using the Photo Time Lapse Calculator

1.) Choose an event that you would like to make a timelapse from. When using the calculator, just choose from:
a.) Shooting interval
b.) Clip length
c) Event duration and Introduce the settings you wish to use to make the timelapse.

2.) Shooting interval – how many hours, minute and/or seconds the event lasts for.

3.) Clip Length – final video time.

4.) Frames per Second – Note for myself: I like to keep it at 25 it has been working.

5.) Image Size – Type in the MB size of either your raw or jpeg files.


The Photo Time Lapse Calculator Will Figure Out

1.) Shooting interval
2.) Number of photos you need to take.
3.) Total memory usage.

Pretty cool, huh?

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