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Kewaunee Wisconsin Lighthouse

Kewaunee Wisconsin Lighthouse

Kewaunee Wisconsin Lighthouse

Heading along the lakeshore on Highway 42, which runs north/south through Kewaunee you can’t miss the Kewaunee Wisconsin lighthouse.  Off the highway, it is a short drive down Ellis Street.

As a lover of lighthouses, I enjoy the fact that lighthouses parallel the history of our nation. As a community settled along the shores, lighthouses popped up to guide ships into port to deliver supplies helping build each town’s population and providing stable jobs.

Kewaunee Wisconsin Lighthouse and Pier - A close association to the Kewaunee, Wi community. The Kewaunee Pierhead Light was built in the early 1900's and has taken on many transformations but has remained a constant reminder to respect the Great Lake waters.

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In the late 1800’s the city erected a frame at the end of the north pier and maintained a red light, using a signal lantern for navigation purposes. As time went on, they added additional lights.  The funding for the actual lighthouse didn’t come until later.

1923 lighthouse. As you can see the lighthouse has most certainly weathered time and change.

Photo above shows the 1923 lighthouse.  As you can see the lighthouse has most certainly weathered time and change.

In 1892 a railroad car ferry service between Kewaunee, Wisconsin and Frankfort, Michigan; the first of its kind was established. It made shipped supplies to the eastern United States a reality.


The Kewaunee, Wisconsin lighthouse was built in to replace the signal lantern system they had installed for aid in harboring vessels from Chicago to Green Bay and to provide a protected harbor in times of bad weather.

Kewaunee, WI Lighthouse and Breakwall


Time marches on. Through any weather, the lighthouse stands to do its job.


Kewaunee Wisconsin Lighthouse In Winter - Looking out at the icy Kewaunee lighthouse and pier on Lake Michigan. The icebergs along the shoreline were magnificent.


Here is a short video I made – just goofing around.

With everything the years have thrown at this lighthouse – one thing is certain. It stands proud.


Close up of Kewaunee, Wisconsin Lighthouse

Even the Fresnel lens, is still in operation day. That just amazes me!



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