Kewaunee Wisconsin Lighthouse and Harbor

The Kewaunee Wisconsin lighthouse and harbor area make a good stop to look for birds, ducks, and eagles in winter. Make a stop at Selner Park to watch the sunrise or take a dip in the rather cool waters of Lake Michigan during the summer.

General Info

General:Selner Park is a great location to watch a sunrise, see the lighthouse, and starting point to see the Kewaunee Harbor.
Address:718 Main St, Kewaunee, WI 54216
Google Map Location:Google Map Location

The Beach

This sandy Lake Michigan beach is the perfect spot to take in a sunrise, get your toes wet, or catch a glimpse of the lighthouse. If you would like a closer view of the lighthouse without following the shoreline, park here.

Kewaunee Wisconsin Lighthouse

Kewaunee Wisconsin Lighthouse

Heading along the lakeshore on Highway 42, which runs north/south through Kewaunee you can’t miss the Kewaunee Wisconsin lighthouse.  

Off the highway, it is a short drive down Ellis Street.

The Kewaunee, Wisconsin lighthouse was built to replace the signal lantern system they had installed for aid in harboring vessels from Chicago to Green Bay and to provide a protected harbor in times of bad weather.

You can walk out on the pier and look straight up at her if you want.

Just be careful when the Lake is rough or the pier is icy.

Photos In Winter

Some pictures from over the years. The harbor area normally doesn’t freeze solid in the winter and you will find a variety of ducks. Bring binoculars, most are not very close to shore.

Ice Volcanos

Ice does all sorts of crazy things on The Great Lakes. One of those crazy things was creating ice volcanos a few years back.

Ice volcanos form when the air temperature is just right and high winds create waves that break through the bottom of the ice hugging the shore. This causes water and slush to squirt up onto the surface of it creating mounds of ice around the hole. Each time the waves reach the mounds the water squirts up creating an eruption.

Tug & Fishing Boats

Thanks for stopping in today. I hope you enjoyed a tour around the harbor!

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