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Purple Passion Lilacs

Botanical and Floral

Purple Passion Lilacs

Finally!  I have purple passion lilacs blooming.  Everything in my yard is about two weeks behind schedule for my area.  That is what happens when you live close to the bay.  The wind off the bay in spring makes the ground and air cooler, preventing us from being on the same schedule as the rest of Green Bay.


But, alas; the delightful scent I have waiting on for an entire year is HERE.  Sadly, the blooms only last about a week.  Looks like I will be enjoying them inside and out to make the most of our time together.

I’ve photographed a few dozen shots of the lilac branches to find just the right balance of softness and color.  This is the print I have chosen to represent for the year.

Purple Lilac Passion

The print will serve as an excellent reminder of why people love lilacs so darn much!


SIZE: 4×6 – $1.99  –  5×7 – $3.99  –  8×10 – $6.99  –  11×14 – $11.99



The print will be professionally printed using BayPhoto using Kodak Archive Paper. It is the finest photographic paper for the longest lasting and highest quality photographic prints available. 

✿ Frame is not included
✿ Choice of Lustre or Metallic (When in doubt choose Lustre)
✿ Watermark on photo is not included
✿ Colors may slightly vary due to lighting variations in your monitor


Additional Photography Printing Options:

Gorgeous products ready to hang.
Traditional Canvas   Stretched Canvas   Flat Mounted Canvas  ThinWraps   Metal   Acrylic Metal   Wood


Instant Digital Photography Downloads:

But, wait!  I need it now!  I don’t have time to wait for a print in the mail. If you are like me you have a several projects on the backburner and for some reason, you found 1 am to be the perfect time to complete said projects.  You don’t have time to wait around. And, the mail? No time or patience for it.  In today’s day and age – you should NOT have to wait.  Buy, download and use the printer of your choice; even one hour photo. Cool, huh?

Order Now:

A.) Personal Digital Download – $2.50
( Buy, Download and print for personal home use)

B.) Commercial Download – $65.00
( Used for marketing promotion.  No selling of photos or used to produce products to sell.)



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