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ATV UTV Trails Oconto County

ATV UTV Trails Oconto County

ATV UTV Trails Oconto County

We wanted to explore the ATV UTV trails Oconto County.  Being new to the trail system, we were not 100% certain where we could park.  In Gillett, WI we stopped for ice for the cooler and to fill up for gas.

ATVing in Oconto County, Wisconsin

Can-am Commander 1000 after a half a day exploring.

Excellent place to stop because there was a police officer at the gas station.  He was kind enough to answer all of our questions. For anyone that would like to know.  You can park in the gravel lot at Zippel Park (even overnight).


Directly across the street, running along the right-hand side of the gas station is the UTV trail access.  You across the street and guide yourself to the right of the gas station and car wash to the paved road.  Follow the paved road, until you see the trail.

Lakewood, Wisconsin ATV / UTV Trail

UTV Trail Lakewood, Wisconsin

The video above is the Lakewood, WI trail. Pretty much how all the trail system looks like. Unless you venture off on a connecting dirt trail.

Many of the streets up on the UTV Trails Oconto County are ATV/UTV friendly.  Just watch for signs off of the trails.  The clubs have done a wonderful job marking food, hotels and gas stations too.  Off this route, there are 450 miles of connecting trails. Download the ATV Map Oconto County, WI map.

You CanChoosee to get a Little Muddy

The main trails are large and gravel.  Very well maintained trail system but extremely dusty.  Thank goodness for the cotton Magic Bandanas Tube sets that I purchased.  I’m going to put this plug in here for them because I like the product.  They work and I want to share products that can help others.  I purchased a Canam one at $15.99, on sale and loved the fact I could breathe through it. The darn charcoal ones we purchased work well, but in hot and humid weather, I can’t breathe through them.  In fall, sure.  Summer, nope.  I feel like I am struggling for air. I dislike this feeling.

The tubes do not have to be tied and can be used as headbands, dust masks, full head gear to hold your hair back and fit under sunglasses comfortably and machine wash nicely.  As a bonus, you can get 9 of them for the price of one Canam. Deal! Purchase Here

The trails bring you over some one lane, trail bridges and through towns that are ATV friendly.  There are connections to areas with routes that will also get you a little muddy if you would like. We like that option.


We decided a photo op was needed before hitting the showers - The Husband and I After Mudding

The Husband and I After Mudding

At some point, I will connect a few places to this blog that you can visit along the Wisconsin trails routes.  Just have to find the time to explore.  Currently, my husband has been working longer hours. Leaving us fewer hours to explore during daylight hours.

Wildlife on the Trail System

As a photographer, one of the things I love most is being able to see the wildlife off the trails.  Can you encounter a black bear?  Haha, most certainly!


We have used the trail system twice.  Both times we have seen a black bear.  Once at night, and once during the daylight hours.

Black Bear in the Woods

You can see a slew of deer if your watching for them.

Loon on the water

When you stop off at some of the lakes and rivers through the area there are ducks and even loons if you are lucky.

Canoes on the Lake

Oh, and tons of frogs hopping off the trails towards dusk and into the night hours. I can see how the game Frogger was invented after a night on the trail.

I will be posting a few UTV Trails Oconto County trail explorations over the next few years. Along with other places we explore by UTV.  

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