Custer State Park Exploring

On the first day of our trip, we did a quick drive-through of Custer State Park. Today we plan on exploring Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park.

Custer State Park General Store

The general store at Custer State Park has a little of everything and has a gift shop attached.

Our daughter purchased a pair of calf-length buffalo socks for her brother, he is a collector of unusual knee-high socks.

White Stag Knives

There was a glass case that caught my husband’s eye. I saw him paying great attention to this case. I went over and looked. Are those the ‘REAL’ thing I asked? He said I believe so, but I have never seen one person.

Update: December 10th, 2016 – This is the knife.  I contacted Rob at Deer Meat For Dinner and he pointed me to the correct knife. My son and I took it out before wrapping it up for Christmas.  It might just make the man jump up and down.  Someone is gonna be happy! And, Rob – if you see this, my husband contacted you about hunting or fishing with you one day. Can we PLEASE make that happen?

My husband is a fan of the Youtube channel Deer Meat For Dinner. It is very difficult NOT to overhear what the couple is up to, or preparing in the kitchen.

The man with the iPhone volume set at 7 laying in the bed next to me, forces me to listen in.

Silver Stag Knives – They do a nice plug for the brand. My husband pines over the antler-handled Silver Stag Knives.

We had the clerk take all the knives out of the case. Looking for a knife for filleting fish- Mr. avid ice fisherman needs a good one. It would have been an excellent, and mighty useful token from our trip.

I was fully prepared to shell out my own money for this (that is a big deal). Damn it! They didn’t have a fillet knife. Strange, since sport fishing is very heavy here on the rivers.

He held several Silver Stag Knives in his hands and I watched his heart sink when they put the knives back in the case.

Off To Find The Begging Burros

Remember the donkeys from day 3? We set out to find them. My husband was on a mission to feed them this time around.

He got his wish. It’s the small things in life that make it or break it. The video of that experience I can’t locate in the unorganized chaos of my files. Maybe someday it will be found and posted.

They are a hoot!  If there wasn’t a line of cars behind us, we would have stayed longer.

Wind Cave National Park

Our daughter has been in love with the black-footed ferret for as long as I can recall. I read that our best chances of seeing one were in Wind Cave National Park.

We didn’t end up locating one but had plenty of good belly laughs watching Blacktail Prairie in prairie dog towns, surveying the lands for additional wildlife, and waiting on a tour of the cave.

Wind Cave Wildlife

There were more bison in Wind Cave National Park than in Custer State Park. They were so close to the road and to our car that,  one could have reached out the window and touched them on several accounts.

Cool Old Gas Station

On the way out of the park, I spotted this cool old gas station.

This was the only shot I was able to get before I heard a huffing sound and saw a massive bison doing what I refer to as the hoof-pissed-off dance.

You’ll hear a huffing sound before you see a bison. Almost like our deer back home. Since they can run upwards of 35 miles an hour, the side-angle shot of the gas station that I wanted was NOT happening. With a little hop in my step, I sprang back to the car.

I live another day.  Yeah!  Tomorrow we start snaking our way back to Wisconsin.  We’re allowing up to four days to do this.  Where will we stop?  Stay tuned. Tonight’s homework is for each of us to look up things that may interest us, then stop at each of our locations on the way home.

 Later gators!

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