Custer State Park Exploring

Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

Custer State Park Exploring

On the first day, we drove through Custer State Park. It was a quick drive through. Today, is Custer State Park exploring day. We will spend time really going through the park. Exploring what it has to offer that we may have missed on the first go and anything else that looks interesting on the way back to our rental.

Custer State Park General Store

A wonderful way to see what a place has to offer is to stop in at their stores. For me, the pictures, postcards and artwork hold some keys as to what an area has to offer me. The general store at Custer State Park has a little of everything and has a gift shop attached.


Our daughter had been looking for the perfect souvenir to purchase for her brother. A pair of calf length buffalo socks it was. Not something he could purchase at home. I bet he is going to enjoy them. He is a collector of unusual knee high socks.

There was a glass case that caught my husband’s eye. I saw him really paying great attention to this case. I went over and looked. Are those the ‘REAL’ thing I asked. He said I believe so, but I have never seen the real deal in person.

Sylvan Lake Custer State Park South Dakota


My husband is a fan of the Youtube channel Deer Meat For Dinner. It is very difficult NOT to overhear what the couple is up to, or preparing in the kitchen. The man with the Iphone volume set at 7 laying in the bed next to me, forces me to listen in.

Silver Stag Knives are all we hear about. They do a nice plug for the brand. My husband pines over the antler handled knives. We had the clerk take all the knives out of the case. My husband was looking for a knife for filleting fish- Mr. avid ice fisherman needs a good one. It would have been an excellent, and mighty useful token from our trip.

I was fully prepared to shell out my own money for this (that is a big deal). Damn it! They didn’t have a fillet knife. Strange, since sport fishing is very heavy here on the rivers.

He did get to hold several Silver Stag Knives in his hands. I watched his heart sink when they put the knives back in the case.

Since he doesn’t read my blog, I can tell you what he is getting for Christmas. Just have to contact the Deer Meat for Dinner personalities to ask for suggestions on which fillet knife to purchase. Also, whatever spice they use. That is on his wishlist, too. Don’t tell me regular, old peeps can’t influence your buying habits. Hehe!  They can, They do.  They will.

Update: December 10th – That is the knife below.  My son and I took it out to photograph it and check it out before wrapping it up for Christmas.  It might just make the man jump up and down.  Someone is gonna be happy!

Wildlife Inside the Park

Remember the donkeys from our previous trip? We set out to find them. My husband was on a mission to feed them this time around.

He got his wish. It’s the small things in life that make it or break it.

The donkeys are a hoot!  If there wasn’t a line of cars behind us, we would have stayed longer.

After feeding our beloved donkeys we hiked up as far as we could go to overlook Custer State Park. It was here we Facetimed our son that was back in Wisconsin. He was suffering day two, of food poisoning. At least he was able to get a few live Facetime calls to see the beauty that surrounded us.

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park was an afterthought. Our daughter has been in love with the black footed ferret for as long as I can recall. Chances are extremely slim that we would even see one but a drive through the park is a must.

Wind Cave National Park
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Most certainly saw more bison in Wind Cave National Park, then in Custer State Park. They were so close to the road and to our car,  I could have reached out the window and touched them on several accounts.

Buffalo in Field in South Dakota
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Of course, I stayed in my car and wasn’t stupid enough to try and touch them.

For the most part, I just viewed them.  Took a few photos and video clips.

Deer in South Dakota
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A deer close to the roadway on the way to find the Prairie dog lands.


Life in a Prairie Dog Town
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We arrived.  On the look out for the black footed ferret.  The Wind Cave National Park has plenty of Blacktail Prairie dogs to pass your time.  For some odd reason, this is a rodent I can watch for hours. Since I do not see them everyday, they capture my attention.


Prairie Dogs Inside Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota
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Plenty of wildlife.  Just didn’t see the black footed ferret.

Heading Back to our Rental

Outta Gas - Old Service Station South Dakota
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On the way heading back to our rental we ran into this old gas station. I jumped out of the car to take a few shots. Almost dumped my pants when I looked at where the car was and my distance from the car. The next picture explains why.

Me Vs Buffalo - Taking a picture and looked to my right.
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You hear a huffing sound, before you see a bison. Almost like our deer back home. Since they can run upwards of 35 miles an hour, the side angle shot of the gas station that I wanted was NOT happening. With a little hop in my step, I sprang back to the car.

I live another day.  Yeah!  Tomorrow we will start snaking our way back to Wisconsin.  We have up to four days to do this.  Where will we stop?  We talk about that tomorrow morning.  Tonight’s homework for the three of us is to look up things that may interest us for stop offs on the way home.  Later gators.


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