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Sherwood Point Lighthouse Door County

Sherwood Point Lighthouse Sturgeon Bay Door County Wisconsin

Sherwood Point Lighthouse Door County

Sherwood Point Lighthouse Door County is located in northeast Wisconsin on the western shores of Lake Michigan.

One of My Favorites on the Peninsula
The Lighthouse is one of my favorite lighthouses on the Door peninsula for the story behind it and for its uniqueness.

Little History
The lighthouse was built in 1883 on top of a thirty-foot limestone bluff, named Sherwood Point, after the first settler and land-owner, Peter Sherwood. It was the last manned lighthouse on The Great Lakes.

After Sherwood’s death the property was left to his wife.  At some point before his passing Peter Sherwood had sold off a few parcels of the land. The deed to the lighthouse land that the government wanted to build the lighthouse on could not be produced.

Sherwood Point Lighthouse in Sturgeon Bay - Door County, Wisconsin


The Government Just Took What They Wanted
As this history story has been told many times there was a two-year struggle trying to find out who owned the land to get the deed from. Finally, the government condemned the land and just took it for the purpose of building the lighthouse.

Sherwood Point Lighthouse Prints:


What Sets This Lighthouse Apart From All Lighthouses on the Peninsula?
One of the things that set the Sherwood Point Lighthouse Door County part from every other lighthouse on the Door County peninsula is the fact it was built using red brick, instead of the cream-colored bricks. The bricks were shipped in from Detroit, instead of Milwaukee.



Sherwood Point Lighthouse - Sherwood Point Lighthouse off the shores of Door County. The Lighthouse grounds are not open to the public.

October 10, 1883 was the first day that the Fresnel lens was lit.

No Longer an Active Lighthouse
The Sherwood Point Lighthouse Door County still stands today on top of Sherwood Point.  It is a glorious lighthouse to view from the water.  Although it is not an active lighthouse, it most certainly holds great history for the peninsula.

Winter Trip

See additional pictures of the lighthouse from a winter trip and ice formations along the Bay of Green Bay by clicking the picture below.

Sherwood Point Lighthouse and Ice Formations Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Door County

Books Sold Through Amazon with Additional Door County History

1.) Guarding Door County Lighthouses and Lifesaving Stations

Guarding Door County Lighthouses and Lifesaving Stations Book

The book gives a very good overview of the U.S. Coast Guard which explains how lighthouses and life-saving stations became part of the organization.

It covers the life-saving stations, as there are only three in the county (Sturgeon Bay Canal, Bailey’s Harbor and Plum Island) are covered in one extensive chapter. And as there are only twelve historic lighthouses on the peninsula as well, they also receive lengthy coverage in the book, with multiple images of each lighthouse through time.

The appendix will help you understand how Fresnel lenses work.


2.) Stalag Wisconsin Inside WWII Prisoner of War Camps

Stalag Wisconsin Inside WWII Prisoner of War Camps Book

Door County Had a WWII POW Camp
An interesting fact many people do not know.  Wisconsin had many WW II POW camps.  Including in Door County.  The book covers: camp locations and what the locals remembered about the POWs. Plenty of pictures.  Maybe not the greatest history book ever written, but the author should be thanked and honored for documenting this little-known aspect of Wisconsin/WW II history. Wisconsinites should take pride not only in the military participation of their sons and daughters but in the remarkable generosity and kindness shown to the enemy POWs.


The lighthouse grounds are not open to the public but I have added the Google Map location:

Thanks for visiting and allowing me to share one of my favorite lighthouses on the Door County Peninsula with you!


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