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Longtail Point Lighthouse Green Bay

Longtail Lighthouse Green Bay Wisconsin Great Lakes Lighthouse

Longtail Point Lighthouse Green Bay

The remaining tower from Longtail Point Lighthouse Green Bay is located about 1-1/2 miles North of the mouth of The Fox River on an island. The island is also a popular spot to boat to and swim.

Longtail Point Lighthouse Pano - Ruins of old lighthouse in Green Bay, Wisconsin
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The Longtail Lighthouse was built in 1847 on an island; by collecting pieces of limestone from the eastern shore of Green Bay near Bay Settlement. The limestone tower is the only remains.

Sitting On Longtail - Little island in Green Bay waters. Popular sandy bottom to dock your boat and get out.

Pictured are the shores of the island.  See the boats out there?  The island is a popular spot for boaters to swim. The bottom is sandy and shallow enough to walk your boat into.  The island makes an excellent harbor to seek protection from the wind and enjoy the day at the beach.

Beach on Longtail - Sandy in some spots, shells and reeds in others.


From the looks of the beach pictures I took, you would think that the island is all shells and reeds.  It is not. There are sandy areas too.

On Longtail Island

The picture was taken on my daughters GoPro.

Once you reach the island by boat, the tower is accessible by traveling through thick, waist-high vegetation, including wild raspberry bramble and reeds. I’m on the right.  My daughter on the left.

Enjoying the boat on longtail


Husband enjoying the water.  He stayed behind and didn’t get the whole, inner Longtail experience. Sorry about the finger in the bottom right. K was just getting used to the GoPro.

Longtail Lighthouse
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These are the remains of the Longtail Point Lighthouse Green Bay and sadly, as close as I got to the lighthouse.

On Longtail

Almost to the Lighthouse.   So close to the lighthouse, yet so far away.

I don't want to talk about it


We were so close to the lighthouse.  My hope at that time was to see if we could get into the tower. On this trip that was not going to happen.  In the middle of the bramble patch, not too far from the lighthouse was a bed of snakes.

Snakes! Not my favorite creatures in the world…fear, panic, running and some not so funny moments, may or may not have occurred on the island.

For future reference, a swimsuit, swimsuit cover-up, and sandals are not proper attire to be exploring here.

Longtail Point Lighthouse interior will have to be explored another day. I need to nurse some deep scratches on my legs and dare I say, my ego.  Next time I’m exploring with proper attire!

As the last sunlight of the day ended, I have to say it was still a very good day!

Sunset on Longtail Island

Want to check the island out for yourself?  Try looking around the shoreline using Goole Maps for an easy way to kayak over to the island.  It is a fun and most certainly, interesting experience..



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