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Autumnal Equinox Sunset

Sunset Over Green Bay Wisconsin

Autumnal Equinox Sunset

First day of fall known as the Autumnal Equinox. The autumnal equinox sunset was too beautiful not to try and capture over the Bay of Green Bay, Wisconsin.


What is The Autumnal Equinox?

Sept. 22, 2016 was the autumnal equinox. The time when the sun crosses the celestial equator, the imaginary line in the sky that corresponds to the earth’s equator. The autumnal equinox occurs between the 21st and 24th of September each year.

Sunset with storm off in the distance - Practicing with filters. I will get better. Right now, I am just beating myself up as I am learning.

On the autumnal equinox, day and night are actually equal having each about 12 hour. In the Northern Hemisphere, this normally occurs a few days after the autumnal equinox.

After the equinox the days in the Northern Hemisphere will get shorter until the winter solstice in December.

Red River Sunset

Sunset with Storm Off in the Distance  

I’m playing around with filters. First and foremost, I would like to see what each is capable of doing and secondly because I have no idea what I am doing.  I will get better.  Right now, I am just beating myself up as I am learning.

I don’t know about you but when I am learning something new, I am extremely critical.  Enough so, that I believe I hinder myself. Maybe, overly critical.  Is this that what one calls perfectionism?  Cause, hell; at this moment…I just want to scream.

I can’t always get the rocks in front and the trees in focus at the same time. Hyperfocus is my goal here but something isn’t connecting.  Maybe, I need to step back and just take one thing at a time.

Ever get to this point?  I don’t give up.  I’ll tell you, I do pack up.  Pack up everything and think.  Read.  Kick my butt some more. Then go out and try everything I have read again.  I am not quitter. I am not gonna stop. For when I challenge myself and struggle through something, the sweetness of achieving my goal is what drives me.  I only have myself to compete with, but I believe sometimes I am the hardest on myself.

Pastel Skies


I’m gonna miss having the additional light at the end of the day!  The date signals that it is time to bump up the vitamin D consumption. Couldn’t have asked for a better way for summer to go out though,  The sky was magical!

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