Recycled Plate Garden Flowers

Recycled Plate Garden Flowers

Recycled Plate Garden Flowers

I have seen recycled plate garden flowers in high upscale galleries in tourist towns, like Door County, Wisconsin for a few years now. The price tag on the glass flowers is outrageous. Generally running almost $50.00. So, I set out to learn how they were made and try my hand at making my own.

Dig Out Those Old Glass Plates

More than likely you have plenty of glass plates sitting around your home.  If you do, you too can try and make this economical and retro garden gem.

My First Attempt

The first time I tried to make a garden flower, I slowly drilled a hole in the back of the plate in a shallow bowl of water using a Dremel Tool. It was time-consuming.

I used a bolt and nut and then attached the pole my husband created for the stem of the flower. It turned out rather well.

Recycled Plate Garden Flowers

Although, again.  Time-consuming.

Second Attempt

One of my friend’s liked the flower that I created and asked me to make her one too. Again, I took to my first experience and tried to create another one.  It went terribly wrong.  I broke two plates trying to drill the holes.

New Thought Process

I decided to go out and find another way.  An easier way.

Recycled Plate Garden Flowers

After browsing through the hardware store I found a simple solution for creating the flowers.  It is a piece you can attached with cement glue to the back of the plate and then screw a copper pole for the stem.

Can’t Find the Fittings?  Try Here

If you can’t find the piece in your store you can order it online here: 1/2″ BELL COPPER PIPE HANGER or also here: Jones Stephens Corp. H83-050 Copper Pipe Hanger

Creating the Layered Look

To create a layered look for the flowers use cement glue or a product called Sticky Ass Glue and used it to glue additional pieces to the front of the first glass plate.

Plate Garden Flower Craft

Now you too can go out and create an entire garden of flowers using assorted recycled glass pieces.  Use your creativity and always be on the lookout for new glass pieces to create more works of art.

Have fun!

Until next time my friends. Take care!

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