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VIDEO Bairds Creek Green Bay Early Spring

VIDEO Bairds Creek Green Bay Early Spring

Bairds Creek Green Bay in early spring.  Early spring; the snow has melted and the creek is running fast. The rebirth of the year.  All the plant life and animals are waking up from their winter’s nap.

The creek flowing is one of the seasons first promises that spring is truly on its way.  Let my path walking and hiking adventures for the season officially commence.  Bringing the promise that plenty of nature will be caught on camera this year.  The excitement awaits.

Enjoy this short video.  I am not an excellent videographer. Matter of fact, my teen told me I have much to learn and practice.  No plans on breaking out into the video business. Thinking we are all safe.  I enjoy sharing little pieces and parts of what I see.  Even if I stink at it.  I’m sharing.  I shall take the free advice given by my teen and build from it.  Maybe, I shall get better.

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