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Good Morning Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

Good Morning Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

Good Morning Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin


Spent Saturday getting my fill of three counties. What a day! Just got done uploading pics from the camera. Pictured is the Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse in Door County. Good Morning Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin I could wake up for a sunrise like this every morning.

Set out for Sturgeon Bay in the darkness of night, hoping that I had left myself with enough time to walk down to the lakeshore and set up the camera gear before the sun woke up for the day.


As I turned down toward the lake there is was, the first color of the morning.  This dishearten feeling washed over me, I felt like I was going to miss something exceptional.  Yep, I’m late.  Still gonna see something amazing, but more than likely not going to capture the first beams of light. Decided it didn’t matter.  Although, the game plan was to capture a stunning sunrise; if it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen.  Just watching it would have to be acceptable.  

I pulled into the lot and started to unload my camera equipment quickly.  It was only then that I realized that it was 13 degrees and the wind coming off the lake immediately took my breath away when I faced the lake.  For a split second, the camera equipment almost went back into the car.  Heck, nobody knew what I was doing this morning.  Nobody was counting on me to deliver.  I could have easily packed everything back up and left.  It was the drab olive green scarf that I carry in the back of my trunk for emergencies that called my name.  It begged me to test it out.  I wrapped in around my face and covered my nose.  The liquid inside my nose felt like a faucet that had frozen pipes.  My warm breath into the scarf thawed the plumbing and my nose began to flow again. I set out to capture the remaining color of the sunrise.

The wind off Lake Michigan was pretty darn brisk.  At this point, I had missed the first minutes of the sun rising. Working quickly the tripod and camera gear was set up.  I popped in a few filters.  Snapped away. Checked the back of the camera.  Got it.  Good morning Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin!  Snapped a few additional shots for good measure.  

Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse With a Sunrise


As quick as the sky color had appeared, it disappeared. Leaving a dreary look to the sky.

Sturgeon Bay Coastguard Station

Thankfully, I worked quickly to grab a few of the first shots. Amazing what 5 minutes difference can look it.


Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse

Back at the car, it was the first time I was excited to have heated seats in my car.  Not an option I ever felt the need for, but welcomed with open arms this morning.  It would have been nice to have warm coffee too.  In my hurry, I left the cup outside the car when I left to photograph and when I returned, it was a cold slushie.


The rest of the day was mine.  All mine.  I drove along the lakeshore heading back toward Green Bay.  For the remainder of the day I snowshoed almost 10 miles, found a beautiful, old schoolhouse and photographed a few firsts for me. Firsts, are usually animals or birds.  It was a good day!

Enjoy your Sunday! Monday comes too quick.

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