Wequiock Falls Green Bay

Wequoick Falls Green Bay, WI

Wequiock Falls Green Bay is one of Brown County’s small roadside parks.   A wonderful stop-off between Green Bay and Door County, WI.

General:Small roadside park with a 25-foot waterfall, Nicolet Statue, history signs from around the area, a picnic table, and an old water hand pump. Dogs are allowed on leash.
Address:3426 Bay Settlement Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311.
County:Brown County
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You can view the falls in various places around the park. There is a set of stone stairs to a viewing platform on a bridge, from there you can make your way to the bottom of the gorge.

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Best Time To Visit

After A Heavy Rainfall: Most people visit this park during the spring and summer after a rainstorm to see the falls roaring. They are the perfect, shortstop off to stretch your legs after heavy rain. The water flows extra heavy, then.

More often than not during the summer months, you will find a slow trickle or a dry bed.

Winter: The winter months for me, are equally beautiful. For each month, the falls take on a new, frozen shape.

During the winter months, the falls are nothing short of amazing  As the weather temperatures change, so do the falls. Each week brings a new sight for the senses.

Video From Winter

Pictures In All Seasons

The signs under this section are about all the artifacts they dug up when creating the highway. The reconstruction huts they talk about, ARE still at Whitefish Dunes State Park in Door County.

Green Bay Waterfall Wequiock Falls In Winter
Always Changing
2nd Angle of Wequiock Falls
Spring Thaw
Wequiock Falls - Green Bay
Jean Nicolet Statue
Frozen Falls
Snowy Winter Scape
Wequiock Falls Flowing
I See Water!
A River Runs Through It
Wequiock Falls in Winter
A River Runs Through It
Flowing Icy Falls Wequiock Falls
Waterfall Green Bay, Wisconsin
Wequock Falls
Wequoick Falls
Starting The Spring Thaw 2022 (Video)
Spring Thaw 2022 After A Few Days In The 50's (Video)
Different View (Video)
Street View  March 2022 (Video)
Wequiock Falls (Full Video)
Summer After Hard Rain
Locks On The Viewing Platform
Interesting History Signs
Gone But Not Forgotton

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