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Wequiock Falls Green Bay

Wequiock Falls Green Bay County Park

Wequiock Falls Green Bay

Wequiock Falls Green Bay is one of Brown County’s small roadside parks.   A wonderful stop off between Green Bay and Door County, WI.

The park is located at: 3426 Bay Settlement Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311.

This park is close to our house, so I make a trip there in every season.

Best Time to Visit
Most people visit this park during the spring and summer after a rainstorm to see the falls roaring.

The winter months for me, are equally beautiful. For each month, the falls take on a new, frozen shape.


Video of Wequiock Falls in Winter

They are the perfect, shortstop off to stretch your legs after a heavy rain. The water flows extra heavy, then,  More often than not during the summer months, you will find a slow trickle or a dry bed.


In the winter, nothing short of amazing.  As the weather temperatures change, so do the falls. Each week brings a new sight for the senses.

This is Early Winter:

Wequiock Falls in Winter

Dead of winter after a snowstorm:

The stairway leading down to the falls:

Tunnel under the stairway:
A River Runs Through It

Inside the tunnel – Bring rubber boots:

Up Close and Personal:

What equipment did I use to capture this photo?
Canon 6D Full Frame Camera and the Canon Version Tamron 24-70 mm 2.8 Lens


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