ATV and UTV Trails In Oconto County

You just can’t beat the ATV and UTV trails in Oconto County if you want to get out for trail riding in Wisconsin. In spring and after hard rains, the pipeline section for mudding is always fun. Besides the traditional random stops at bars, you can visit a few festivals and scenic places.

General Info

General:The ATV and UTV trails in Oconto County have over 450 miles of trails and routes through towns and forest roads. If that isn’t enough for you the Oconto trails link up with Florence, Forest & Marinette Counties in Wisconsin, and also Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Open:May 1st – October 31
County:Oconto County
Google Map Location:Google Map Location
Cost:FREE to registered WI ATV / $35.00 non-resident

Trailheads & Map

Trailheads are located on Hwy 32/Cty F in Lakewood and near the Highways 32/64 intersection near Mountain and in Gillett at Zippel Park.

Download front of the trail map
Download back of the trail map

I recommend that you always have a printed map for the trails you will be riding. You can usually purchase a map at local gas stations or print one before you leave.

Things To Do & See

Besides the common stops for a drink or food, check the calendar of events for Lakewood, Townsend, Mountain, Doty, and Riverview there is usually some poker run, craft fair, boat race, corn roast, pig roast, or festival happening.

Cool Things To Do

1.) Mudding On The Pipeline

Mudding on The Pipeline can be accessed through The Dusty Trail section near Lakewood, WI. (Oconto Trail System).

What people call the pipeline is about a 20-foot wide sand road that has lots of mud holes off the side of the trail, it is not the trail.

Before running the holes, check how deep they are. There are many that are so deep, they will go over the roof of your ATV/UTV Again, get out of your machine and check the depth before attempting any mud holes.

No, not today Hunny I have my nice clothing on. Husband, oh come on, please.
The agreeable side of me gave in and I have no complaints.

Pipeline Video

Yep! I scream like a little girl! I took the brunt of all the mud this day.! I generally don’t open up the mudding video clips to the public because it may tarnish that halo I pretend to have around my head. As you can see. I may not always be an angel when it comes to what I say and do….

2.) Visit Butler Rock

Head to the Town of Brazeau, near Mountain, and hike up to Butler Rock to get a view of three counties.

3.) Climb Mountain Fire Tower

Climb 132 steps and stand 100 feet in the air at Mountain Fire Lookout Tower in Mountain. The last original fire tower of nineteen. 

More Images

You Share The Trails With Horses
Black Bear Cub Climbing a Tree
The Machine
Oconto County Heading Through the Pines.
Brazeau, Wisconsin
Today Was Fun
The Not So Serious Side
The Days End
PS The Mud Doesn't Wash Out of Clothing
We are burried
Pipeline Marinette County, Wisconsin
Dairy Delight Depot
Dairy Delight Depot Sundae
Dusty Trails

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