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There is Beauty in the Rain

There is Beauty in the Rain

There is Beauty in the Rain

It’s Raining again.  Story of spring, really.  In order for everything to grow lush and thick, we need the rain.  The rain foils my birding plans and my walk though; that stinks. There is beauty in the rain, even if it does foil my plans. Just had to create a new plan of attack….

Birding, Birding

Currently, there is a wave of birds moving through the area and I really want to get out a capture them on camera.  This is the first year I have really took an active interest trying to learn the song and ID the bird sing that beautiful song.  Normally, the lens in pointed toward the ground, capturing the new growth of flowers and blooms.  But, this year; I decided it was time to look up; instead of looking down the majority of the time.  A whole new world has opened up.

Little Yellow

New Plan of Attack

This week, it has rained virtually every morning.  Morning is best to look for birds.  Which has me a little low in spirits.  Today, I decided enough is enough.  If the rain foils my morning walk and birding plans, then I just need to get out and make the best of it.  Guess what.  It appears the birds do not like rain very much either.  They hide deeper in the woods, instead of playing along the edges.

Time to restructure my day.  Umbrella, camera and macro lens it is for the morning walk and a good choice it was.

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It’s the Small Things Really

The walk was magical and much more than I had hoped for. Each little hair on the leaves stuck out and then it is topped off with raindrops. Just wow! That is all I can say.

Web in Rain

Wow! How do they know how to create such a structure?

New Perspectives


Look Up

When it rains you M- U -S -T lay on your back and look up through the collecting drops. Fantastic stuff! There is beauty in the rain.

Everything Looks Different in the Rain

Every thing looks different in the rain.  Fresh and new.  Amazing.

Beaded Drops

Can I Bottle It?

Besides the beauty to the eyes – there is the smell. A person can’t describe it really. It a mix of sweetness and spice with a hint of earthiness. If I could bottle the scent, I would.


Wet and soggy! But oh, la,la! I wish you could see this field. It glimmered in the rain. Just beautiful!

I got in a four-mile walk, plus; who wouldn’t love all the beautiful things I got to see.


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