In Door County Wisconsin

Door County Sunset

Door County Sunset

Door County Sunset

Ever witnessed a Door County Sunset? For many years I was lucky enough to be able to witness the nightly sunsets. They are absolutely breathtaking and captured well in this Door County series.

Door County Sunset

The sunsets are not short-lived like many additional places I have been. In Door County, there is an explosion of color that builds, slowly and gradually. Allowing you to stop and pause time, if only for a few moments.

Sandhills at Sunset Photo Print

I understand why Door County is a large draw for family vacations and honeymoons. After you leave, you miss it. The small villages, shops, miles of shoreline and nightly sunsets over the water are just a few reasons to cherish the county.

It doesn’t matter what season the county is in, or if you are standing along the water, in a farmer’s field or next to the bay.

Sunset of Fire on a Cold Day – Door County, Wisconsin

Its rays seem friendly. They remind me of an old friend, waving goodbye to you, you know they are leaving but you are filled with the confidence that you will see them again.

Whenever you get back to the area, you are sure stop what you are doing and watch as the last orange rays fade before twilight beckons the stars.

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