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Drake Wood Duck

Male Wood Duck

Normally, I get ever so close to a wood duck in the wild and it rapidly takes to flight. I have been practicing the master skill of patience by stalking the drake wood ducks on a little retention pond down the street from my home. Hoping to come up with one, head on excellent keeper photo.

I’m not a patient, sit still kinda girl. I’m a nervous nelly, gotta keep moving and trucking on. Wood ducks are difficult for me to photograph for that reason alone. Wood ducks see movement and take to flight. Like me, they are the nervous nelly’s of the duck world.

Today, I grabbed a camping chair and sat along the edge of the retention pond, promising myself I only had to sit for a half an hour. Enough to get one excellent photo. Finally! I got a shot I am happy with.

Goes to show myself that I need to get comfortable with my inner thoughts, settle the nerves and train myself to sit my butt down and enjoy the settings more than I do in life.

Male Wood Duck on Rocks

It is ok to spend time, sitting. You don’t always have to be getting ‘er done and driven. Something I need a gentle reminder about now and again.

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