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Irish Mist Still Art

Irish Mist Still Art Photography Print

Irish Mist Still Art 

This irish mist still art wasn’t a planned piece of art, it came together slowly and in many steps.  I was monkeying around in the garden and decided to clip off a few sprigs of my sedum autumn joy plant to start plants for a friend of mine. I placed them on the cupboard and went to fetch planting containers and soil from the basement.


Well, of course – I got sidetracked.  Next to the containers I saved for planting was a box of old alcohol mini bottles that my daughter had picked up.  Scratched the planting idea for an hour, it was photography time!


An Envelope Stopped Me in My Tracks

I had fun digging through the box looking at the bottles and trying to decide what bottles I was going to photograph the flowers in, until  I came across an envelope.  That envelope stopped me in my tracks.  Inside, I found a bunch of TEETH.  I immediately texted my daughter and asked where she had got the box of mini alcohol bottles in the basement.  She responded at a yard sale.  I was freaked out!

Irish Mist Art




All I Want to Know is Who Do the Teeth Belong To?

I texted her back with a picture of the teeth and told her I was freaking out.  Who in the world keeps teeth in an envelope and who did they belong to?  She immediately called me and she was laughing hysterically.  “Mom, they are mine.” That is all she could get out before she broke down in a laughing spell once again.  “Yours?  How?”   “Wisdom teeth, mom.  The day I cleaned out my car the bottles were in there and so was an envelope with my wisdom teeth. Couldn’t let the dentist just throw away my “wisdom” teeth.”  Well, omg!  Mystery solved!  I felt better but besides your children’s first lost tooth … who keeps their teeth?  Apparently, the child that didn’t want to lose her wisdom.  Too funny!







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