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Mama Pelican is Proud

Mama Pelican and Baby

Mama Pelican is Proud

Ever so often I get the chance to capture something extraordinary that is wildlife-related on camera. Let’s face it, Wisconsin doesn’t have items that are all that rare.  But, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying them.

In my 40 plus years on this earth of which, over 25 of those I have spent on and around the water over the course of the summer and I had never come across a site like this.  Momma pelican is proud and I was proud to capture her first hours with her little one.


Mama Pelican is proud

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We traveled by boat from Green Bay to Rock Island and along the route, you pass many islands and inside of Death’s Door there are nesting islands.  Or, so they said.

I asked my husband to slowly go along the shoreline.  We were still pretty far out so that we wouldn’t upset the nesting birds.  I had the 600mm on and was happy it was along.  I captured this precious moment on camera and to date, it remains my favorite wildlife shot.

Next stop hiking on Rock Island, Wisconsin!


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