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Mountain Fire Lookout Tower in Mountain Wisconsin

Mountain Fire Tower Lookout Oconto County Wisconsin

Mountain Fire Lookout Tower in Mountain Wisconsin

For a fun place to stop off at when exploring the trails in Oconto County in Wisconsin try Mountain Fire Lookout Tower in Mountain, Wisconsin. The tower has 132 steps and is 100-feet tall. The last original fire tower of nineteen.  Still standing on its original location in the Nicolet National Forest.

Mountain Fire Lookout Tower

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You can ride the trails all the way to the road that takes you to the tower.  ATV and UTV’s have to park at the bottom of the hill.  We can’t drive up like cars can.

Address: Forest Service Rd 2335; Mountain, Wisconsin 54149
Cost: Free


The walk from the ATV and UTV parking lot to the tower is a short walk.  During the fall, it is rather pretty!



If you get a chance to get up that way during the fall, the colors are absolutely breathtaking. The prettiest autumn golds, yellows and oranges one could hope for. At the grand ‘ole price of free, it is worth a stop.


The Machine

So, far this baby has not been climbed by me. Snakes, frozen bodies of water (ice) and heights – those are my fears. Just incase you ever need to torture me for information. I’d cave.

I will leave the climb to you.  From the additional visitors that were at Mountain Fire Lookout Tower in Mountain Wisconsin – the climb is worth it, you can see for miles and miles…..

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Happy trails to you!


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