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Rock Island Wisconsin Boathouse

Rock Island Wisconsin Boathouse

Rock Island Wisconsin Boathouse

Most just call the boathouse the Rock Island boathouse, but it does have a name. The Chester Thordarson’s boathouse.

Pictured is the Rock Island, Wisconsin boathouse in Door County. 


Boathouse History
The boathouse was built in 1910 by a wealthy inventor Chester Thordarson. He purchased 775 acres of the island. 30 acres on the southwest side of the island were cleared in 1920 and Thordarson began construction of a summer estate.

Pulling Into the Boathouse on Rock Island in Door County, Wisconsin
His large boathouse, which is decorated in with characters from the Norse Runic alphabet, is open to the public.

Inside Rock Island Boathouse

How Does One Get There?
It takes two ferry rides to get to the island. The first ferry leaves Gills Rock and travels to Washington Island. The second leaves Washington Island and brings you to Rock Island.

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