Soft Fairytale Pink Dandelion Art Prints

Soft Fairytale Pink Dandelion Art Prints

Soft Fairytale Pink Dandelion Art Prints

This collection of six prints was photographed and processed to be a mix and match set.

Some See a Weed but I See Wishes

Dandelions remind me of childhood.  Both I and my children could spend hours collecting the fluffy puffball heads and blowing the seeds in every direction.
Soft Fairytale Pink 1

Which is exactly why when I purchased my new macro lens it was decided that my first order of business was going to be focusing in on dandelion blowball seed heads.

Soft Fairytale Pink 2

Those Details You Rarely Notice

Once you get a chance to see things from a macro lens prospective you quickly realize there are so many small details in life you don’t notice.

Soft Fairytale Pink 3

Like the seed head above. Each one of those little white dots is like an arrow, follow the arrow down to reach the seed from the plant.

Soft Fairytale Pink 4

The details of each dandelion seed head are magically different.  Some are fuzzy, some extremely defined and others seem to have micro heads of hair.

Soft Fairytale Pink 6

The prints were photographed were all batch processed using a special texture that I created to give them all a dreamy, soft fairytale pink look.

Soft Fairytale Pink 5

I created the pink set to gift to a friend of mine for their nursery. Finally, a girl!  They were hopeful that the third time is a charm.

I Happen To Have an Emotional Connection

I loved the prints so much that I combined all six into my very own custom print to decorate my children’s upstairs bathroom.

Soft Fairytale Pink Sample Print Framed

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