Soft Fairytale Pink Dandelion Art Prints

Soft Fairytale Pink Dandelion Art Prints

This collection of six prints was photographed and batch processed using a special texture that I created to give them a dreamy, soft fairytale pink look.

The prints were created to gift to a friend of mine. They finally are having a girl, the third time really was the charm 🙂

Some See A Weed, I See A Wish

Dandelions remind me of childhood.  My children and I could spend hours collecting the fluffy puffball heads and blowing the seeds in every direction. That wasn’t helpful for our lawn, but, hey who cares 🙂

So, I thought it was extremely fitting to turn a camera lens at dandelion blowballs and make some art.

Soft Fairytale Pink 1

Soft Fairytale Pink 2

Attention To Detail

This is exactly why when I purchased my new macro lens it was decided that my first order of business was going to be focusing on dandelion blowball seed heads.

I had a vision in mind when I created this set because one or more would become nursery art. The images had to have a soft focus and they would be processed with some kind of pink texture, which I had not yet created.

Soft Fairytale Pink 6

Soft Fairytale Pink 3

Detail That Is Rarely Noticed

Once you get a chance to see things from a macro lens perspective you quickly realize there are so many small details in life you haven’t noticed.

Like the seed head above. Each one of those little white dots is like an arrow, follow the arrow down to reach the seed from the plant.

The details of each dandelion seed head are magically different.  Some are fuzzy, some extremely defined and others seem to have micro heads of hair

Soft Fairytale Pink 4

Soft Fairytale Pink 5

I Happen To Have An Emotional Connection

I loved the prints so much that I combined all six into my very own custom print to decorate my children’s upstairs bathroom.

Soft Fairytale Pink Sample Print Framed
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