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Young Deer Just off My Walking Path

Young Deer Off My Path

Every morning I say hello and talk to the young deer just off my walking path. My daughter thinks I am a little whacky because I talk to the animals. Maybe, I am?

Wood Chuck

As I watch the woodland changes and see the animals, I like to interact with them. Building rapport with them, so I can try and take excellent wildlife and nature photographs.

When I see the geese nesting I remind them as I pass through each day, that I will not hurt them. I just like to see their progress.


Canadian Goose Nesting in Reeds

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Hello Deer Friend

When I see the deer in the woods, I say good morning and tell them they chose to live in a beautiful place or something similar.


Since I do this everyday, they get use to my presence. They get comfortable with me being there and my voice.


Young Buck in Wood Wildlife Photography Print

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Today, instead of hiding and watching me through the woods, this buck came out and greeted me. I walked directly past him. He moved to the left, watched me pass and twitched his tail.

Young Buck Wildlife Photography Print

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I told him after I passed I would love to get a picture of his horns growing in. When I turned back around, I expected him to be gone. But, he stuck around and I grabbed a few shots and then went on my way.


Young Buck with Velvet

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A Stop at the Meadow

I stopped at a meadow that has large pines, hardwoods, and cedars on the outskirts of the field.  A good place to look for critters.


Sweet Little Bunnies Everywhere

There was a bunny happily chewing on blades of grass under the coverage of the cedars.

Baby bunny munching on fresh blades of grass

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I stood and watched him and set up a few shots.  He was pretty well hidden in the grass, I had to drop down lower to shoot through the grass and trees.

Rabbit in the Meadow

I love the artist feel to the picture from shooting through the vegetation.

Cutting Through the Field

I have to cut through the field to reach the woods and off in the distance were two turkeys.

Two Turkeys

On To the Woods 

Rarely, do I walk in the woods and not come upon a deer or two.  No exception today.  This one posed for me.  I’m a little crazy, in my own special way. Keeps life interesting.


Well Hello Deer Friend

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Deer: “Does this pose make my butt look big?”
Me: No, deer you look marvelous. Simply marvelous.” “Work the camera. Work the camera, girlfriend.”

After I visited with my furry friend raindrops started coming down and I decided it was time to head for the car.

Another wonderful morning in the meadow and walking through the woods completed.  Thanks for tagging along.

Have I told you lately that I just absolutely love my nature walks?



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