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Be Different

Be Different

Be Different

Be different so that people can see you clearly amongst the crowds.

The unconventional you don’t have to follow the crowd and do what everyone else has done. It is ok to be different. Be you.  People often say it is perfectly fine to be yourself, but quickly raise an eyebrow when you don’t make the choice they “think” you should.  Stop.  Stop letting them have that power over you. They do not walk your path, they are not you.

We all have our own path to walk and trying to follow someone else’s will lead you to heartache. Follow your heart and path to lead to happiness. Even if you walk the path alone for a period of time – it will get your soul further than having to stop and redirect yourself all the time.


If you bend too far right, or too far left or stand when everyone else is sitting…go ahead.  Be different.  Nothing wrong with that. There is always someone out there to love you for being you.  Always someone that will admire your strength, your courage and your boldness.

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