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Fire Tower Bell

Fire Tower Bell Marquette Michigan

Capturing the Shadows, Lines and Strength 

Fire Tower Bell

I wanted to capture this impressively beautiful and elaborate old fire bell tower as an abstract fire tower bell print in black and white.

I am not one to shoot and turn a print into black and white unless I see the shadows, lines, and strength before I take the shot. This fire tower drew me in and immediately I saw the strength to use black and white to capture those bold shadows and lines.

Abstract Fire Tower Bell

Where is the Tower Located?

The fire bell tower is located on the shores of Marquette, Michigan and just as she stood there weathering the test of time, I also wanted to capture her boldness and strength.


What Was It Used For?

The fire bell was used to alert the village that there was a fire, back in the day. The city built a large brick foundation to proudly preserve and show off her strength and history. 

Hopefully, you will agree that I captured the bold strength she shows in this abstract print.


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