Eggshells Agitate Ants

Eggshells Agitate Ants

Here is a fun fact for you and a reason to save your eggshells.  For some reason, eggshells agitate ants enough to relocate them. The process is really simple and cheap.  For the most part, it works wonderfully to push ant hills out of an area or discourage them from going into an area, like the soil under your hummingbird feeder pole.


1.) Wash, save and break up egg shells.
2.) Scatter them around an area you want to keep ants out of.

Note on washing: The reason you should wash the eggshells before breaking them up is that female birds will pick up and eat eggshells during nesting. The eggshells add extra calcium to their diet and help make the outer shell of their eggs nice and strong.

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What Does This Do?

  • Ants try to start to pick up the pieces.
  • If the pieces keep reappearing they give up and relocate.
  • The process agitates them enough to abandon an area.
  • The eggshells are organic and compost back into the soil.

Easy Solution, Right?

Agitate an ant and they relocate.  No chemicals.  I thought it was a little cruel and my thoughts drifted to, nah; they get to LIVE.  They just have to do it elsewhere.

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