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Pristine Drops Purple Clematis

Raindrops on Flowers

Pristine Raindrops

Pristine raindrops gather on a purple and fuchsia veined clematis. I love shooting in the rain for the fact it softly blurs out the outline of objects. I spent a good deal of time thinning out my plants this summer.  Now that I can finally reach the plants in my flower garden and walk around them, today is a good time to photograph the beautiful purple clematis.

Fresh Rain Photography Print

I’m happy to grab an umbrella and head outside when it is raining. And, let’s just say much of the free time I have had lately it has seemed to rain.  So, it might be a good thing that I have garden flowers and bugs to turn the lens on.  

Close up of Clematis

All plant life has a vibrant coloring just after a rain, almost as if the rains wash away any impurities.

The Winds of Change - They look well.

The colors are soft and absolutely beautiful! 




Everything Looks Different in the Rain - Photography Print


This Was My Favorite Shot in the Rain Today 

While transferring files  I needed a break from sitting and I’d run out to the yard. This was one of my favorite shots of the day, titled it pristine raindrops.  

Pristine Drops Purple Clematis Photography Print

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I was trying to capture the floral reflection in the droplet.  It was a success.  My only issue was I didn’t feel I was close enough to the flower on my first-morning venture to the yard.  After viewing the photos online on the big screen in the afternoon, I went back out and focused on something different.  Trying to capture my shadow and the plant to look like an eye in the raindrop.  I did it!  Can you see it?  A magical eye in the focused raindrop.

Hope you enjoy your week!


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