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Heal Without Curing and Cure Without Healing

Heal Without Curing and Cure Without Healing

The past few years have been enlightening.  My outlook on the world has increasing changed with the help of some tremendously supportive people. Which brings me to my topic, can you heal without curing and cure without healing?

What Cure and Healing Mean:

Many people use the terms interchangeably. They believe that healing and curing mean the same thing.  To me, they carry separate meanings.

The definition of cure is to restore health by a treatment or through a remedy to correct a harmful situation eliminating all evidence.

The definition of heal is to restore to original or whole.

Curing Symptoms:

Our medical professions are very good at doing what they were taught.  They are excellent at curing or treating symptoms.

To me, pain and disease are feedback that your body is giving you, something is wrong within it.  Trying to cure the pain and disease gives it a name and something to blame, leading to a victim mentality.

People are looking for a cure to alleviate the symptoms of physical, spiritual and emotional pain.  You can cut out cancer.  You can medicate for back pain, anxiety, ADD, OCD, depression and mental disorders. You can cure just about anything with the proper treatment…or can you?

Curing really is just a band-aid if you haven’t a clue why you suffered from the symptoms in the first place.   The cancer that was cut out of you, why was it there in the first place? The medication you take, it is a short-term band-aid to cure you, given time; something else in your body will pay the price.  Curing looks to alleviate only the symptoms you suffer.  If you have not found the cause of why you suffered the symptoms in the first place then healing can not take place and you will not be restored to a whole.

What Causing Your Ailment?

That stress you are under at work and you have been bottling it up; it takes a toll on your body.  Not dealing with stress properly leads to anxiety and depression and later a larger problem, a heart attack.  The headaches you are having?  Maybe it is a food allergy?  It is your body’s way of alerting you before you have serious problems down the road.  Can’t sleep at night because you are always thinking?  Maybe you need to share your feelings more.  Angry and irritable?  Perhaps you need to take more time for yourself? Learning to listen and take the time to understand your body is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

That is where healing comes in.  Healing means you can move forward. You want a healthy and whole you.  You need to stock your toolbox with tools that can help you achieve health, peace and wholeness.


Thoughts Create Reality

Make Yourself a Toolbox:

Each human being needs their own toolbox stocked with tools to help them maintain their well-being.  For some, it takes more time to figure out what tools are needed.

What are some of my tools?  Proper food, supplemental vitamins, sunlight exposure,  proper sleep, surrounding myself with positive people and going places and doing things that make me happy.

Sounds simple but life seems to get in the way.  It seems that mom’s come last on the list.  In my case, it is a blessing and a curse.  I live my life to serve my family.  I love my family.  I would literally do anything for my family, including: go without things that would be hurtful to myself.

Take Care of You:

This year, I did something different.  I started to take care of me.  Changing my perspective and placing myself as an equal within my family has helped me tremendously.

Somewhere along my life path I was taught that I didn’t matter or measure up.  Dang it, I wish I would have learned 15 years ago; that changing the structure of my life would net me so much more happiness.

I was looking for a cure to alleviate the symptoms of physical, spiritual and emotional pain.  They cut out my cancer and gave me the proper treatment to cure me.  But, did it really cure me?  No, it left a scar.  I can look in the mirror and see it.  A reminder of where I don’t want to go back to.  A negative force that was removed from my body. Why was it there?  Why does it happen? Nobody has that answer for you. But, I have a clue.  Not dealing with emotions correctly.  Harboring them.

My way to think about it; is to think of it as a little nudge to tell you to change your ways. If you have not found the cause of why you suffered the symptoms in the first place then healing can not take place and you will not be restored to whole.

In my case, it is telling that little voice in my head to buzz off.  I’m worth my weight in gold. I always do what I feel is best at the time with the knowledge given.  Trying to eat healthier options, trying to get in some exercise and eliminating large stress factors.   I’m fat, sassy, happy and content.


Today is a New Day

Today is Today:
Life throws you for a loop and sometimes, you do not feel in control.  Just remember…today is today.  You are alive to see another day.  Embrace what the world shares with you each and every day.  For you are not promised tomorrow.

So, can you heal without curing?  Sure, you can; but you will revisit the issue over and over.

Can you cure without healing?  Nope.  You need to figure out why you are suffering the symptoms in the first place.  In my case… STRESS, WORRY and things I COULDN’T CONTROL and I desperately wanted too. Suffering from not dealing with the stress of the situation correctly the first time around, were the reasons I suffered.

Our bodies are just not made to take on the world without an outlet. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it 🙂

Stop beating yourself up over the little things.  Someone WILL love you for YOU. It doesn’t matter what the number on the scale states.  It doesn’t matter if you thought you were doing the best at the time.  Could of, should of, would of.  It doesn’t matter.  That was yesterday.  It only matters that you are happy enough and healthy enough going forward to enjoy your life.

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