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Moose Crossing the Lake

Moose Crossing the Lake

Moose Crossing the Lake

Signs line sections of the main highway running through the upper peninsula of Michigan to watch for moose or “Moose Crossing.”

Exploring the Backcountry

On our way back from Marquette, Michigan we ran into those signs and decided to venture off the highway when we saw any type of lake sign.

We ended up in an area around Witch Lake and got crossed all kinds up and lost.

Witch Lake

It was beautiful and back in the area, small lakes everywhere and old barns and rarely a house to be seen.

Country Barn

Vast, wide open space and we are pretty much lost in Marquette County, Michigan.


In the Tall Tall Grass I See a Moose

In The Tall Tall Grass Moose Resting

I Spy with My Little Eye and MOOSE!

The moose was resting in the shade munching on the grass next to a lake. Such beautiful creatures they are.

Close Up In The Tall Tall Grass Moose Resting

Get ready for your close up Ms. Moose. At least I think it is a female, I have no idea…really I don’t  Have you ever seen a moose up close and personal?  They are HUGE.  I never knew. Excited, scared, nervous…all at one time, that is me!


Moose Crossing the Lake

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Sitting in the Car Watching

I just want to sit here and keep watching. It really is time to push on, another day, another day.

Back on the Road Again

Now, every time I saw a sign reading “Moose Crossing” it just made me want to go and explore the backcountry and look for them. It was tough not to go and explore. There are plenty of gravel roads that lead to remote areas and lakes, prime spots to find moose.

Next Stop Iron Mountain

We are headed to Millie Mine and Bat Viewing Site in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  We saw signs on the drive up and decided to stop on the way home.

Every day is a good day to explore.  Get out there and start your own adventure!

Upper Michigan:

Paulding Lights Munising Michigan
Paulding Lights Munising Falls
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap Sugarloaf Mountain
Yoopers Tourist Trap Sugarloaf Mountain
Watson Michigan Eben Ice Caves
Watson Michigan Eben Ice Caves
Mille Bat Mine Iron Mountain Michigan Lower Ore Dock Marquette Michigan
Millie Bat Mine Iron Mountain Lower Ore Dock Marquette
Canyon Falls L’Anse, MI Icy Shoreline Menominee Michigan
Canyon Falls  L’Anse, MI Icy Shores Menominee, MI
Sand Point Lighthouse Lake Superior Fire Tower Bell Marquette, Michigan
Sand Point Lighthouse Escanaba, MI Fire Tower Bell Marquette, MI
Grand Island Ice Caves Fayette Michigan Historic Town
Grand Island Ice Caves Fayette, Michigan Historic Town
Big Red Lighthouse Marquette Michigan
Big Red Lighthouse Marquette, MI


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