Save Those Seeds

Is squash plentiful in the garden? As you enjoy eating squash, save those seeds. Rinse, dry them, and store to add to your bird feeders.

As you harvest and use up your stored winter squash from the garden, save those seeds.

Squash Seeds To Save



Drying The Seeds

Drying Pumpkin Seeds For Birds

1.) Preheat oven to 300 degrees
2.) Rinse seeds to remove the pulp.
3.) Grease cookie sheet.
4.) Bake for 40 minutes.
5.) Let cool.
4.) Place seed in tray feeders.

You can used this method to dry all of your winter squash seeds. The baking time will vary according the the size of the seeds.

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Birds That Eat Squash Seeds

Squash seeds are an excellent source to feed all your birds because they offer good nutrition and help aid in the bird’s digestion.

Almost any bird will take a crack at eating squash seeds. The larger birds have the best luck. The seeds outer coating makes it difficult to crack for some of the small feeder birds.

Feeding birds is a fun past time. Additionally, you can dry your own fruits, grow safflower seeds, or purchase a variety of seeds to feed your birds.

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