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Answering Questions on ATV & UTVing

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Answering Questions on ATV & UTVing

I get questions via private Facebook inbox at times on all subjects on this site.  From garden related questions to a location that I have shared.  Sorry, I can’t answer every question due to time, but do take requests and questions under advisement. Even, if I do not reply right away, I’m reading them; promise.


1st Answer

Here is the answer to the questions asked last month.  The answer to the first question comes in video form – YES, we do get stuck in the mud when on the UTV.

Here is the first time we did, it is completely raw footage from my phone but as I replied to my question asked some of my files are stored on Flickr under privacy settings. I don’t have time right now to try and transfer from a .mov file to mp3 for the site.  Flickr embed is how I shall try and do this.

Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the Mud

(I deleted my Flickr account and this video was on it – I’ll check on another copy.)

The Second Question is Will You Share Videos of Mudding Adventures?

I will be honest. We only go mudding a few times a year, it takes us an entire full day to clean up the Commander after a venture out.

UTV Mudding

We are the couple that will remove all the pieces and parts to clean every nook and cranny after mudding for the day. The work involved in clean up is difficult and time-consuming.

We Forget to Push Record

Plus, 99% of the time we forget to push record on the GoPro. You would think that one purchases a GoPro to actually take video, but for some reason we don’t.  We get lost in the activity and really don’t get hung up on documenting it.  In the moment, we are enjoying the experience and after the fact, we wonder why the record button wasn’t pushed.

My Halo is Going to be Tarnished

I took the brunt of all the mud for day in the video I share below.! I generally don’t open up the mudding video clips to the public because it will tarnish that halo I pretend to have around my head. I find it difficult to show the real-life pieces – I’m finding comfort in my own skin after 40+ years on this earth.   As you can see. I may not always be an angel when it comes to what I say and do….

Plus, do you REALLY want to hear me screaming like a little girl 🙂

I Scream Like a Little Girl w/ a Sassy Mouth

Pipeline Marinette County, Wisconsin
(Use the arrows in the corner to increase video size.)

You Get Videos Like This … Awkward!

As you can tell from the video below, when I am recording my husband believes I am just taking pictures anyway. After having our mudding fun he tells me that we are going to miss Wienerfest (it’s a real festival).

Hopefully,this answers the questions for you. I’ll more than likely keep most of the postings informative and places you can visit too.

Documenting After the Fun

Mudding on UTV

I take more photos in the moment, than videos. If I do share a video they really are not of any quality because I never really expect to share with anyone else.

We are just two adult kids blowing off steam and playing in the mud a few times a year.

We are just two adult kids blowing off steam and playing in the mud a few times a year.

Muddy, Mess but Fun!

Thanks for the questions, John!

Short listing of posts as of current can be found in the ATV / UTV Exploration category.

See you next Monday with another Midwest moment posting! Have a wonderful week!! 

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