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Sunday Drive in Early March

Caldron Falls Dam Peshtigo River Sunday Drive in Early March

I’m not sure about you, but I know for me I have noticed that life seems off balance.  My husband and I spend much of our time apart, due to our winter hobbies and work. We dedicate one weekend day a month together to reconnect. The pictures included in this posting are from our Sunday drive in early March to Oconto County, Wisconsin.

Sunday Drive in Early March

For our Sunday drive in early March, I asked my husband where we should drive to.  We both didn’t really care.  We decided that the end result of the drive didn’t much matter, it was the fact that we both were spending time together and that was a point we could agree on.

How to Decide Where to Drive

I am going to state this very openly, the end result of where we want to end up or the end result of where we are going is never an issue with us.  However, YES, we seem to have issues somewhere along our route of getting to the destination or coming back.

Today, I wanted to make a clear plan of what we both expected out of the trip. We outlined what each of us had for expectations for the day.  That is a strange, but very true fact, we agree on many aspects of life but still have to set up expectations before we leave for a day together. By never assuming pieces and parts but asking, that solves so many of our issues beforehand. A drive, walk, and lunch were the only plans for the day. 

Old House Stephenson, Wisconsin

The first stop on our Sunday drive was the house above, which was photographed in Stephenson, Wisconsin in Marinette County.  Whenever we see an old house or barn my husband asks if I want to stop.


YES, please!  This was a quick snap from the gravel on the side of the road. I wasn’t thrilled about the speed of the traffic, for my safety and the safety of others, I limited my time on the side of the road.


Along the Peshtigo River in Winter

Peshtigo River

For many of our stops, we traveled along the Peshtigo River to see how many people were ice fishing on the river itself, the flowages around it, and a few small lakes.

Along the Peshtigo River in Winter

There are some beautiful places to visit along the Peshtigo River.  Places, I still hadn’t paid a visit before today. Depending on where you stood along the river and what county you were in, the water could be frozen solid or wide open.

Along the Peshtigo River in Winter


We walked carefully alongside the river because let’s face it, at this time of the year you never know what condition the ice is in.  With the warming and freezing patterns we have had – it makes things very difficult to judge.

Along the Peshtigo River in Winter

Even though my husband and I spend plenty of time exploring Oconto and Marinette Counties, we still haven’t seen a large majority it seems.

Peshtigo River

Caldron Falls Dam

Along the route, we traveled for the day was the Caldron Falls Dam.  We got out and walked around the land.  You can easily access the top of the hill by road and view the back of the dam and overlooked the Peshtigo River.

The bottom access road is blocked off right now, I am not sure if that is a winter restriction or a year-round restriction.

Caldron Falls Dam


You can walk to the bottom of the hill and view the river and the front of the dam too.  We didn’t have boots on, so we limited our viewing from the top.  Right now, it is rather muddy in places heading downhill.

When following alongside the river you could always tell when a dam was coming up, the ice would break up and the area gets spots that a fairly wide open for a good distance. 

Along the Peshtigo River Wisconsin Winter

All day we were dodging bright, backlit cloud cover, the skies where nothing spectacular to look at, but the scenery sure was.


We fulfilled our needs. I stopped and photographed a few things, we walked, talked and laughed.  We stopped off for a bite to eat and achieved the goal of spending time talking and reconnecting.  The destinations didn’t matter as much as the journey to get to them!


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