Go Big or Go Home Wheelbarrow Planter

Go Big or Go Home Wheelbarrow Planter

Go Big or Go Home Wheelbarrow Planter

Purchase the largest geraniums that you can find and mix them with trailing ivy and spilling plants to fill an entire wheelbarrow for a grand entrance – it is the go big or go home wheelbarrow planter.

Wheelbarrow With A Hole?

Go Big or Go Home Wheelbarrow Planter

It’s Second Life

Give it a second life as an old wheelbarrow planter!

If the hole is too large, just place a piece of metal over the hole and cover the bottom with plastic. Fill with dirt and get planting.

Pick Geraniums of Any Color

Big, bold, and beautiful. They bloom in a sunny location from March through the beginning of October in the Midwest. Typically, they are grown as annuals, however – You can bring them indoors when it gets cold.


Pick A Few Spiller Plants

When planning out your containers choose plants that will fill in-between your geraniums and spill over the sides, creating cascades.

Hedera Ivy

This trailing English Ivy has deep green leaves and is easy to grow inside or outside. The ivy makes an excellent filler in flower pots and large containers for a trailing ivy.


Creeping Zinna

Creeping Zinna produces small yellow flowers all summer long. The plant forms a dense mat and spills over flower containers beautifully.


Additional Spiller Plants

Sweet Potato Vine 

Golden Creeping Jenny

15-15-15 Fertilizer

Once A Month For Healthy Plants

  • VERSATILE BLOOM BOOSTER – It is both an Indoor Plant Food and an Outdoor Plant Food for Geraniums
  • INCREASE BUD SET – Use during periods of bud set to increase the number and size of blooms
  • INSTANTLY FEEDS – This flower fertilizer instantly supplies plant nutrients because it is a liquid fertilizer.


Deadhead Your Geraniums

To encourage large, healthy blooming throughout the season be sure you are deadheading your plants. If your plant has too many deadheads it will alert the plant that the growing season has finished.

When you start to see brown or dead flowers, deadheading will encourage new, full blooms to grow. To deadhead, your plants find the node closest to the stem and clip it. This will encourage new growth in a few, short days.

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