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Common Flicker

Northern Flicker - Common Flicker

Common Flicker

Common Flicker birds are fun to watch searching for insects in trees and lawns.

They have curved beaks and a tongue that is three inches longer than their bills to reach into the logs and trees that they are drilling on.  They are one bird that doesn’t have to compete for food since they also search the ground, which is unlike any bird of their species.

Northern Flicker

The common flickers appearance differs with the region they are from.  All flickers are about 12 inches tall with a brown barred back and spotted tan to cream bellies.

Northern Flicker

Eastern Flicker has yellow underwings and red napes, while the western birds have a pinkish tone under its wings and plain napes.  Our Northern male flickers sport a mustache behind their bill.  So, you see they vary a little in their looks.

Flickers Generally Eat

Northern Flickers generally eat:

• Insects
• Seeds
• Berries.

At the Feeder in Winter
• Hulled sunflower seed
• Berries
• Suet 

Attracting Flickers

  • Flickers love peanut butter, apple pieces, raisins, and suet
  • They enjoy nesting boxes with holes 2-1/2 inches in diameter and 15 inches off the floors box.

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