Early MeadowRue

Early MeadowRue

Early Meadowrue is generally found in places that have not been disturbed by human interaction.

General Information

A perennial, native wildflower. The stems are a light purple color and the flowers are bell-shaped and produce yellow hanging flowers

Early MeadowRue Wildflower
Genus:Thalictrum dioicum
Family:Ranunculaceae (Buttercup)
Life cycle:Perennial
Habitat:Shaded woodlands, forests
Bloom season:April,  May,
Plant height:30 to 80 cm tal

Additional Names Early Meadow Rue Goes By

• Meadow Rue
• Quick Silver Weed

Parts Of The Plant



In the early stages of growth, I absolutely love how the club-like clusters of leaves of Early Meadow Rue are all stacked on top of one another until they separate and fan out.

The leaves after they open are spread much further apart.

The flowers have no petals but have greenish-colored, sepals sometimes tinted purple. Male and female flowers are on separate plants. The sepals are ovate to obovate or oval in shape.

On male plants, the flower filaments are the showiest part of the hanging flowers.

The flowers do not open much more than currently pictured

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