Simple Tray Deck Bird Feeders

Simple Tray Deck Bird Feeders

If you are in need of a simple solution to feed your feathered friends but do not have room for traditional feeders, how about simple tray deck bird feeders?

Anyone Can Do This Project

If you can swing a hammer you can do this simple project!

Step 1

DIY Simple Tray Bird Seed Feeder for You Deck

Purchase any size plastic plant water drip saucer.  Purchase the number of water drip saucers to match the number of feeders you will want on your deck. 

I suggest starting with a small number like one or two, then add to your collection.  I bought mine on clearance and the end of the season for a quarter a piece.

Step 2

Using a hammer, nail, and a piece of scrap wood, punch a few holes in the bottom of each of your saucers.  The holes will provide drainage for rainwater. The scrap wood is for protection. So you don’t punch the nail into ANYTHING you DON’T want to.

Step 3

Select a place on your deck you would like feeders. Pound a nail through a saucer and into the deck wood. 

I leave a small section of the nail available for making the saucer easy to remove.  The nail also doubles as a spear to hold oranges for birds, if you enjoy feeding them fruit. 

List of 11 birds that will eat oranges at your feeder.

Step 4

Fill your feeder with your choice of bird food.
That is it!  Told you this was a super simple process.  Yep, even you can do it.

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