Ephraim Wisconsin Wetlands Preserve

Ephraim Wisconsin Wetlands Preserve

The Ephraim Wisconsin Wetlands Preserve will only take less than 30 minutes to walk from start to finish.  It isn’t the walk that should interest you, it is the plant and wildlife during certain seasons that would nature buffs.

General Info

General:A small roadside park you can take a short 30-minute loop through the trees and cedars. Loop has wildflowers and butterflies.
Address:9820 WI-42, Ephraim, WI
County:Door County
Google Map Location:Google Map Location

Short 30 Minute Loop

Ephraim Wisconsin Wetlands Preserve

A short 30 minute walk through the trees and cedars.  There is a small clearing with a field of wildflowers and butterflies.

The path is a loop and if there is no water, you can cross where the bridge once was.  If it is wet, then you will have to backtrack.

Migrating Birds, Butterflies and Wildflowers

Normally, the visit for me is fairly short to check on migrating birds, butterflies, and the varieties of moss and wildflowers that are blooming. 

If you visit in early summer bring bug spray especially after heavy rains, be sure to have bug spray. Bug spray is always something to be sure you have on hand. It isn’t always needed, but if you are doing any type of hiking in Door County, it is a smart investment.

Silly Signs

We had a few giggles on our first visit to this area reading all the little signs along with the trees and pathways.

Some make sense, some do not. and others give random nature facts.  I think the signs add a quirky element to the landscape and believe that was the point they were trying to make, along with adding in some dry humor.

Different Month, Different Flower

Wildflowers line both sides of the path in certain areas and lead to a clearing in the middle of the trees.

Each month you can hunt down different Wisconsin wildflowers. Which I find delightful.

“Between every two pines there is a doorway to a new world.”

-John Muir

Butterfly & Skipper Haven

I love to hunt down all the critters that visit the native wildflowers that are on this small piece of property. 

There are plenty of varieties of butterflies roaming the area, along with little frogs hopping everywhere.

The Bridge Is Out

Although there is a sign warning you of the bridge is slippery…later you find that there isn’t one.

Truth be told, the bridge has been out for a few years now. Maybe 2019 will be the year it will be replaced?

Keep an eye out for the giant pileated woodpeckers in that area. You will most certainly hear them before you see them.

All in all, if you enjoy a short walk with little physical effort, this is the path for you!  This location would also make an excellent place to snowshoe during the winter months.  Something that I haven’t done as of yet, but is on my list to do.

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