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Seymour Wisconsin Balloon Rally Glow

Seymour Wisconsin Balloon Rally Glow

Seymour Wisconsin Balloon Rally Glow

Get ready for the Seymour Wisconsin Balloon Rally Glow.  It is one of my favorite activities during Seymour’s Burger Fest and the only portion I take part in.

Four in a Row


Wisconsin is home to festivals held every weekend.  Some of the festivals are pretty interesting.  In the case of Seymour, they hold ‘Burger Fest’, the second weekend of August.

This is Where the Magic Happens


To celebrate their claim to being the town that “Hamburger” Charlie Nagreen served the world’s first hamburger at the Seymour Fair of 1885.

Charlie decided to flatten a meatball and place it between slices of bread to increase portability and called it the hamburger.
The Start of the Balloon Glow


During the Burger festivities, you can take part in the bun run. Witness the world’s largest hamburger parade or see how many hamburgers you can choke down in the burger eating contest.

Not your style?  Have a few beers and dare to take a plunge down the ketchup slide.

Strange?  Wacky?  Weird?  Nah!  This is Wisconsin! We love any reason to get together and have food, fun, and a few drinks. We come up with all sorts of crazy ideas and call them festivals.

Aweing Over the Glow


I’m not taking the ketchup plunge.  Hot air balloons are more my style.  The hot air balloons ascend around 6 p.m. Both Friday and Saturday evenings with a balloon glow to follow at dusk each night.

Ripples of Light


If you are feeling a little adventurous or need a few laughs after a rough week – Head to Seymour.

You know where I will be. The Seymour Wisconsin Balloon Rally Glow.

GLOW BIG or GO HOME. Sorry, I had too!

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