Fall Lawn Aerating Promotes Greener Lawns

Fall Lawn Aerating Promotes Greener Lawns

Want to complement your flower garden next year? A lively and healthy yard is one way to do this. A green lawn starts in the fall. One of the ways you can achieve a lush, healthy, carpet of green grass for next year is to aerate your lawn this fall. Because fall lawn aerating promotes greener lawns.

What is Aerating a Lawn?
Aerating is punching small holes into your lawn. This allows nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil and promotes the growth of roots of deeper and more developed roots. The better root system your lawn has, the greener and healthier it will become and also taking a step to prevent bug infestations.

Benefits to Lawn Aerating
• Lush green lawns
• Healthy, deep roots system
• Less room for weed growth
• Elevates soil compaction

When is the Best Time To Aerate?
• Spring
• Fall
• Can do twice a year

What Tools Are Needed
You have some choices as to how to get the job done.  In our household, we rent a powered aerator from a hardware shop.  However, as I said, you have choices.

Powered Aerators:

You can rent a powered aerator to do the job. The gas powered machine is much like a lawnmower but it does not cut the grass. Instead, it removes 2-4 inch plugs of dirt. It is relatively quick to do this way.

Powered aerator and soil plugs

When you are finished, your lawn has tons of plugs of dirt laying on the surface. It does look a little funny to see, but rest assured the pieces decompose back into your lawn helping to break up the thatch within a week or so.

The down side to renting a powered aerator is transporting it. They are larger, heavy machines that make transporting them difficult.

Attachments for Lawnmowers and Tillers:
There are also lawn aerator attachments you can get for gas-powered garden tillers that cut slits into the lawn, instead of releasing plugs. The attachment is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. You will have to go to your garden tiller shop and be sure to get the correct option for you.

If you have a riding mower than you have a few choices when it comes to purchasing helpful fall attachments. 

There are many pull behind accessories choices like Agri-Fab 45-0473 SmartLink Master Platform that allows you to add all kinds of attachments like Agri-Fab SmartLink Spike Aerator.

If you only want the lawn aerator option without adding extra attachment the Agri-Fab Turf Shark 40-Inch Curved Tow Spike Aerator 45-0369 is an awesome choice.

Don’t have a lawnmower, tiller or vehicle to transport a powered aerator rental? There are a still a few options for you.

Aerating Shoes:
These are lightweight Aerator Shoes that use Velcro straps to fasten to your shoes. The bottom of the shoes has 2-inch spikes that make holes that allow air, fertilizer, and moisture to soak into the soil.

Perfect to strap on a pair when cutting the grass and raking the leaves. 

If you want lush green grass next year, start with this simple step this fall. Aerating your lawn will supplying the soil with air while helping water and fertilizer move into the root zone. Exactly where your lawn needs it.

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