Top 10 Purple Garden Plants

Top 10 Purple Garden Plants

Here are my top 10 purple garden plants to be sure to add to any purple flower garden.

The color purple contains a wide variety of floral garden choices.  From plum flower shades to striking mulberry tones, right down to the romantic and early spring lilacs.

Top 10 Purple Plants to Plant in The Flower Garden

1.) Purple Verbena

  • Verbena can be grown as a perennial flower in zones 9-11 and as an annual everywhere else.
  • Flowers have five small petals that come in blue, pink. purple and white.
  • Drought-resistant flowers that tolerate full to partial sun, and enjoy moist, well-drained average soil.
  • Plants are loved by hummingbird hawks, Chocolate Albatross, Hummingbirds and Pipevine Swallowtails.

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2.) Salvia

Spikes of color all season long. The plant grows 18 and 36 inches tall depending on variety and loves hot, humid weather. Hardy from zone 4 to 10.

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3.) Allium

Good choice for any soil with excellent drainage in zones Zones 4 to 9. I love the massive globes of purple

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4.) Lavender

Perennial herb that is hardy in zones 5-9. Grows up to 3 feet tall in full sunlight in well drained, fertile soil.

Drying Herb & Flowers

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5.) Pansy

This annual is the perfect touch for adding color to flower gardens and planters. You can toss the flowers in salads or use them as a garnish.

Some flowers have a wintergreen flavor to them as the season wears ons.

A common backyard visitor foe the nectar of this flower is the Eastern

Saving flower seeds
Dried Flower Potpourri
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6.) Hydrangea

Shrub. Grows up to 15 feet in height and comes in a variety of colors. You can change the color of most flowers.

Change the color of Hydrangeas

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7.) Pasque Flower

Early spring blooming flower. The plant is hardy in USDA zones 5-9 Enjoys full sun, in hot Southern states you should consider planting in areas that get afternoon shade.

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8.) Clematis

Climbing purple vine that is hardy in zones 4-9. Loves full sun, but will tolerate partial sun. The roots of this plant-like to be shaded.

Morning Glories

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9.) Bellflower

Best planted in zones 4 and up. Full sun to partial shade with well-drained soil.

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10.) Iris

One of my favorite top 10 purple garden plants.  Iris can grow as petite as 2 inches high and as tall as waist high so it is important to understand which variety you will be purchasing.

Iris needs at least 6 hours of full sun and rich soil with good drainage.

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