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Rain, Goslings, Weeding

Rain Goslings Weeding

This week has amounted to rain, goslings, weeding the flower beds.

The beginning of the week rained and I was itching to get outside and trying to see if there were any new blooming wildflowers and plants and how big the goslings had grown in a few days time along the trails.

Weekly Posts?
Starting this week I’m going to try something a little different for my nature, wildlife and exploring blog posts.  I’m going to try and take a regular weekly approach for posting.  But, I make no promises that will stick.  I said TRY.

I often get lost doing activities and before I know it, weeks turn into months before I get back here and post anything.  What good are pictures sitting in folders you can see.  Right?

The Week Of June 10th -16th 2019

Good Morning!
Baby goose sitting on shore
Well good morning to you! I love the spring and watching the babies. My walks around the pond areas produced a couple of things to turn the camera on this week.

So Sweet
Little baby gosling is enjoying the warm sunshine of the morning
This little gosling is enjoying the warm sunshine of the morning.

Many Ages and Stages
Gosling Geese are growing up
All the goslings around the area are in many different ages and stages. Depending on when the little ones were born they still have some of the yellow fluff ball stuff going on or the black “teenage” coloring is setting in.

Painted Turtle on the Pond
Painted turtle on a pond in Wisconsin
I loved the setting that this painted turtle has chosen to surround himself with to start his morning off. An excellent choice.

Trees of Reflection
Reflection and shadows of trees on a pond
I’ll stick around here for a bit. Couldn’t ask for a prettier place to stand for a few minutes.

Long Shadows On The Pond
Tree shadows and reflection on a pond
A dense tree covering, a brilliant green watered pond and extremely filtered sunlight will give you visual perfection.

Blackberry Bramble
Blackberries or blackcap bramble just starting to grow in the woods in Wisconsin
The wild blackberry bramble on the edge of the woodlands that I walk once a week is just starting to form what will be the berries. I will keep a close eye on them because I’m hoping to get to them before the birds do.

Mayapples Are Getting Big
Mayapple Wildflower Native Plant Growing in the woods in Wisconsin
The mayapples are getting fairly large and starting to grow the flowers on the underside branches. If you are unsure of this native wildflower you can learn more about it. 

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Starry False Solomon’s Seal
Sterry False Solomons Seal white native wildflower that blooms in May and June in Wisconsin
This white and fuzzy native wildflower blooms from May – June. I missed seeing it last year because the area was flooded.

Umbrella it Is Today
Woodland path lined with trees in the rain
As the weather man promised it has been days of rain and I’m tired of sitting inside.  If you can’t beat Mother Nature, you join her. I grabbed the umbrella on Thursday morning and went for my morning walk through the Cofrin Trails.

A Path Runs Through It
Path through woods with rain puddles
Puddles! Rain brings tons of puddles to dodge.

Slight Fog Off The Land
Pathway through the woods in the rain
The warmth of the land and the cold rains are creating a little fog in the lowland areas this morning. It is rather pretty. Oh. and the sound of frogs singing their happy little songs is a pleasure to listen to.

It’s Raining Again
Raindrops in a puddle in the woods
It’s raining again. Oh, oh, it’s raining again. There is something magical about walking in the rain near the lake and woods. Although, it is flooding around all the lowland areas.

Moisture Equals Mushrooms
Mushroom fungi growing on a tree in the rain
Fungi grows well after days of rain. Since it had been raining for many days straight this week, there seems to be an abundance of fungi everywhere.

Bearded Purple Iris Standing Tall
Bearded Purple Iris Standing Tall in Flower Garden With Raindrops
Friday by 11:00 am the rains let up and I saw sunshine.  It was the perfect time to get out and do a little weeding in the flower beds and have lunch.

The bearded purple Irises in my flower beds are standing tall, proud and look marvelous this year.

After the Rains
Garden purple bearded iris petals unfolding in the warmth of the sun.
With all the rain the past week, and strong sunlight the past hour all the iris petals have came out to dance in the sun’s rays.

The Bumble Bees Are Back In Business
Bumble bee on purple garden plant collecting nectar
All the bumblebees are enjoyfully working their way from plant to plant around the deck garden. I’m sure they missed the sunshine.

I’m Happy To Be Out Too
Bee visiting flowers in a flower garden
I’m positive the bees missed the sunshine and are hungry. 

Red Admiral Having Lunch
Red Admiral Butterfly on White Witch Hobble
I’m having lunch, and so is the Red Admiral Butterfly next to me. She is snacking on Witch Hobble that has just opened.

Not Sure What He Smells
Yellow lab smelling the grass
Lunchtime is over and it is time to go back to work but he will not budge. Crazy lab!  I’m not sure what Scouty Rowdy Pumpkin Pie was smelling in the grass but he wouldn’t leave this spot until he had explored every inch of it.

Thanks for reading Rain, Goslings, Weeding. Until next time friends, take care! 

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