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Weekend With The Drone in Oconto County

Wisconsin Roadway taken with a drone high above the trees

It’s The Weekend  

How about a weekend with the drone in Oconto County?  Heading To Another County in search of blue skies and sunshine.

Apparently my husband is as sick of the rain as myself. After hearing the weatherman say rain was forecasted all weekend for our area, he told me to grab my gear because we are driving until we hit sunshine this weekend.  
Hitting The Open Road
Weekend With The Drone in Oconto County
Just had to drive once again to one of our favorite counties to play and explore, Oconto County, Wisconsin.

Trees Down
Drone photo high above the trees.  Middle has down trees Weekend With The Drone in Oconto County
We thought this overlook was pretty cool. You are looking straight down over hardwood and birch trees.  The bottom area is heavily shaded with trailing shadows of the trees in front and the middle is all down birch trees.

In Search Of Lakes and Loons

View of Lake in Townsend Wisconsin in Oconto County Wisconsin With Drone
We start out looking for lakes to take pictures of with the drone and secretly, I think we were both crossing our fingers that we would see loons to photograph with our cameras.

Perfect Day
Weekend With The Drone in Oconto County a view of a Lake In Townsend from drone.
It was the perfect day.  There wasn’t any wind, the sun was filtered on and off by the passing clouds and the temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day to be out exploring.

Glass Calm
Weekend With The Drone in Oconto County Townsend Wisconsin Lake from above.
This lake, had a boat launch and a dock so we stopped to take a look.  We met up with a local woman here launch her jetski and she enjoyed watching the drone screen and asking us questions.

I asked her where I could see loons on the lakes around the area.

Loon On A Lake
Loon on a Wisconsin lake
We stopped off at one of the small lakes in Townsend, Wisconsin to see if we could spot any loons with babies as the local woman recomended. We did see a few waaaaay out in the distance. This single loon was a little closer to shore, But, not much closer.

Fun On Little Lakes
Man kayaking on a Oconto County Lake in Townsend Wisconsin with American Flag in background
When searching for loons, additional wildlife and drone pictures we walked all the public available spots on each of the lakes we came across.  This background and kayaker interested me.  I loved how he was steering to go and get a closer look of the flag in the distance.

Interesting Way To Store Kayaks
Wooden Kayak Storage Rack For Along Shore
Saw this handmade kayak rack along the shoreline and I liked the design. Snapped a photo just in case we ever get the urge to buy kayaks.

Sandhill In a Scrub Field
Sandhill Crane Walking in a Wisconsin Scrub Field
Had to ask my husband to stop the truck on the way to another lake location when I saw this sole sandhill crane standing in a scrub field. It look so pretty.

Townsend Wisconsin Flowage
Weekend With The Drone in Oconto County Townsend Wisconsin
Made a pit stop to check out the Townsend flowage area and snap a few drone shots.

Lottas Lilypads Townsend Flowage
Townsend Wisconsin Drone Photo of Water, Trees and Lilypads. Weekend With The Drone in Oconto County
I’m a lover of lily pads. Well, to look at; not swimming near them. I’m always afraid of what could be hiding under the water’s surface in them 🙂

Had to capture a drone picture showing the coverage of lily pads in this area.  It is fabulous! 

Oh Snap. Hello Big Fella!
Large Snapping Turtle on the Side of the road
Ran into this fella.  A large snapping turtle basking in the afternoon sunshine on the shoulder of the road.

The Gravel Must Be Warm
Snapping turtle sitting in gravel on edge of road warming his self
I’m thinking that the gravel around the road must be warm and that the turtle was enjoying the warmth? 

Bluet Damselfly
Bluet Damselfly insect on leaf along lake
A beautiful bluet Damselfly hanging out lakeside. Next month is the month I turn the camera on insects.  July is always a good month for running into additional bugs.

Damselflies on purple lake flowers in Wisconsin
Must brush up on my damselflies and dragonflies. I find plenty but never seem to focus on them because I can only tell you what three different ones are. Before next month, I should take time to research common ones.

Blue and Black Dragonfly
Blue and Black Dragonfly in Oconto County Wisconsin
Down by the Townsend dam there were a few black and blue dragonfly hanging out.  They are the big guys! 

1st Year Whitetail
Whitetail deer along a lake in Wisconsin
This is the first year this little one is off on its own and a curious little one it is.

Best Ending To The Day
Old abandoned house just outside of Crivitz Wisconsin
On the way driving home, we had thick cloud cover and filtered pinky tones to the skies. Captured this wonderful image of an old home in that beautiful light.

Next week, I’m hoping Brown County has at least a few days of no rain.  If not, at least we received a healthy dose of Vitamin D to hold us over for another couple of day.

Until next week my friends – take care.

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