Tomato Pests

Tomato pests. A green worm called the tomato hornworm,. A black orange and white bug called Green Stink Bug and leaf minor damage done to vegatable leaf.

Tomato Pests

Got yourself tomato pests?  Let’s go over a few of the common ones you might see, or the damage they might leave behind on occasion.


#1 Colorado Potato Beetle

The Colorado Potato Beetle is a major pest of plants in the nightshade family. Including potato crops, eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes. The beetle has a bright yellow and sometimes tinted orange body along with bold, dark brown stripes that almost look black to the eye and run the length of its body.

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#2 Whiteflies on a Leaf of Tomato Plant

Whiteflies on a leaf of tomato (Lycospersicon esculentum). The major harm they do is indirect. This pest feeds by piercing plants and they secrete large amounts of honeydew that support unsightly or harmful infestations of sooty mold. By far their major importance as crop pests is their transmission of diseases of plants.

#3 Tomato Hornworm

Tomato Horn Worm

This little guy can be your worst nightmare in the garden if left to have his way. They eat blossoms, leaves, and fruits. 

The worms will eat clean through the fruit of your tomatoes.  Pick the buggers off your plants and place them in a bucket of soapy water.

#4 Slugs

Garden Slug

Slugs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They love to chew through leaves on plants and through fruits & veggies.

There are many ways to combat slugs. Here are some suggestions.

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#5 Green Stink Bug Nymph

A pest of nuts, grains, seeds, and fruits. Loves the following trees: elderberry, dogwood, basswood, black cherry, and pine trees.

Stink bugs come in a variety of shapes & colors.

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#6 Aphids

How to get rid of aphids in the garden

It is important to know that aphids come in all different colors. Have an issue in your flower and crop gardens?

Read this blog post, I can help!

#7 Vegetable Leafminers

Leaf miner injury to tomato leaves. You may also find mining on the hanging leaves of oak, apple, and some other trees, one can often find the mines of some of the leaf miners.

A large leaf miner outbreak leads to a reduction of photosynthesis activity for the plant and loss of the plant’s leaves.

For the common gardener

#8 Bird Injury

Birds like to drill at your fruits at vegetables on occasion.  It is not uncommon.

Hang aluminum pie tins on strings around the garden. The reflective nature and swinging motion of the pie tins help scare off birds.

#9 Squirrels

Squirrels are sassy!  They love to dig up plants, chew plants, chew through fruits and vegetables, and cause issues in flower gardens.

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#10 Deer

At night deer like to come into yards and nibble on plants.  Other than placing barriers up, it is difficult to keep them out of gardens.

Try this organic deer repellent recipe.

That takes care of many of the pests you will have to attack your tomato plants.  Have another?  Drop me a line with a picture on Facebook on Gardening Help Information and see if we can help you ID it, or search my albums of insects.

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